Why we need empowered Customs Managers

Here I explain why it is important that we uplift our profession by creating up-to-date, well trained and supported customs managers ready to grow global trade effectively, efficiently and compliantly.

I have been working in Customs, Global Trade, Export Controls & Supply Chain Management for more almost two decades. There is an urgent need in the customs & global trade (C&GT) market to empower Customs Managers and Global Trade Professionals and to change the image entire customs & trade profession from "a role I just accidentally fell into" or "something I also kind of do" to a respected, modern and attractive profession, similar to Chartered Accountants or Marketing Managers. I believe that the C&GT profession should be so thought after that it will attract the brightest and most enthusiastic talents.  These are ambitious people with clear career goals in international trade. These are Customs Managers and Global Trade professionals who are always up to date, are learning continuously and will ask for a helping hand where needed. 

In short, these are EMPOWERED, professionals.


And it is Customs Manager's mission to create the largest community of EMPOWERED Customs Mangers & Global Trade professionals worldwide.