Brexit Update with Corinne and Arne 

Corinne Nabavi set down with the Founder of Customs Manager, Arne, in “Meet-The-Expert” Live meet-up. Previously, we had requested other customs managers and global trade professionals to send in their questions.


"The question for the rest of 2020 is whether the UK and the EU can agree a deeper trading relationship on the lines of the free trade agreement the EU has with Canada, or whether the relationship will be based simply on the Withdrawal Agreement deal agreed in October 2019, including the Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland.


In either event, the UK will be leaving the single market and the customs union at the end of this year and stakeholders should prepare for that reality".


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 3 February 2020

By 2021, the UK needs to have implemented its own customs & global trade laws and regulations. Staying up-to-date is essential for businesses trading with or in the UK to avoid the risk of accidental non-compliance with applicable laws.

In this Q&A we discuss the probability of a Brexit "deal" and the customs and Free Trade Agreements impacts, as well as Corinne's  Top 5 recommendations. 

Themes discussed

1. The Transition Period

2. The EU-UK Free Trade Agreement

3. Customs clearance

4. Post-Brexit easements and facilitations

5. Top Five Tips that Customs Managers and Global Trade Professionals can do now.

Here are the topics in more detail and the timeline for easy jumping to the topic that interests you. Or watch the whole video 😊

  1. Agenda (2:30)

  2. Transition Period (2:55)

  3. EU-UK Free Trade Agreements (8:26)

  4. Rules of Origin (10:05)

  5. Cumulation (11:05)

  6. Customs clearance and formalities (13:55)

  7. CFSP and using a Customs Broker (14:33)

  8. Common Transit (18:45)

  9. Indirect Exports (19:32)

  10. Post Brexit, no-deal facilitations and easements (20:12)

  11. Authorised Economic Operator – the magic Brexit cure? (23:45)

  12. Corinne’s Top 5 recommendations of what businesses can do now (26:22)

  13. Contact details Corinne and her blog (29:55)

  14. Comments and Questions from the audience

    1.  Indirect Representation (30:39)

    2.  How much time is given to the business to prepare to implement (31:44)

  15.  UK Tariff Rates under a no-deal Brexit (34:25)

  16. UK Free Trade Agreements other than with the EU (35:05)


Read her blog on Brexit:  Brexit? Who cares about this now? Here is why you still should….

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