The COVID-19 Customs & Global Trade Webinar

The new type of coronavirus confronts the US & European economy and its cross-border trading companies with unusual challenges.


Closed US, Canadian and Mexican borders, Internal European border controls and restrictions on the free movement of people, but also the restrictive measures of many other countries worldwide raise many questions.


What should you know about these restrictions and measures to support businesses?  How can the individual supply chain become more resilient in shock situations?

Topic overview
The following overview contains a selection of all subject areas to be dealt with in the online seminar. Current changes in the law may result in shifts in the focus.


  • Restrictions on the export of goods in US and the EU and worldwide - a state of play

  • Impact of restrictions on the free movement of people on businesses and supply chains

  • Overview of US and EU measures to support companies, the 2 trillion CARES ACT and the EUR 37 billion Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative

  • Specific ways to find an even more resilient supply chain in exceptional cases


  • Overview of current developments with regard to current restrictions for cross-border traffic in the US and the EU

  • Attempt to regulate mitigating measures by the US government and the European Union, including contact information

  • Tips on how to strengthen and build resilient supply chains

  • Easy online registration

  • Participation via online meeting using well-known, innovative software solutions that enable you to work anywhere on any device.

  • Possibility to ask questions at any time via online chat. If the Q&A time is not sufficient, questions are collected, answered in writing after the seminar and sent to all participants.

  • Obtain the presentation and documents after the seminar


  • You need a good internet connection and a computer/laptop / smartphone to take part in the seminar.

Date: Friday, 3 April 2020


11am - 12am (EST) ​ - 5pm-6pm (CET)

Cost: Free                    


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