January 2020 Editions

Week 5/2020 27 January - 2 February

The United Kingdom has left the European Union. This momentous event will have wide-ranging consequences for businesses trading with the UK and/or the European Union. Customs laws, trade agreements, export control provisions have already changed – all overnight – except these are not enforced and implemented until the end of the transition or implementation period, scheduled for 31 December 2020, 11 pm.  So, we dedicate the first two full pages to the UK’s departure and what customs managers and global trade professionals now need to know – covering general knowledge, customs, trade agreements and export controls.

And if you are not into Brexit at all, there is lots of other exciting news: EU GSP changes, Airbus accepts to pay a record fine for export control violations, USMCA gets signed, UCC change consultation, more Iran designations, EU. US Ukraine sanctions against Russia, Tunisia and Kongo sanctions, WCO and WTO news.

Week 4/2020 20-26 January

A subscriber asked me to explain why Customs Manager's weekly Legislative Monitoring was created. So I told her. And now I am telling you in this edition. Also, there is love in the air when US additional duties on Chinese imports get slashed in half on Valentines' Day. Speaking of China, the  EU had some strong words this week on 中国 and WTO reform, just as 17 WTO members have agreed to develop a multi-party interim appeal arrangement. Bang on Export Controls as certain Firearms, Guns, Ammunition move from USMCL to CCL, more on Venezuela and Iran as well as an interesting case study: What does it mean to become a Denied Person in the US? Internationally, we look at Libya, Canada, Zambia, Kenia, Switzerland & Dubai (again!).  And I promise, not a mention of the B-word, that's for next week with a special report. Plus our popular OMG! section, events and sources.  Oh - and Happy Customs Day! 

Week 3/2020   13 -19 January

Content: Content: US Landmark Phase One Deal with China"?!? USMCA -Most Modern, Up-To-Date, Balanced Trade Agreement"?!?. Additional Sanctions – basically stop trading with Iran altogether?!? EU: Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in GreenDeal, JCPOA commitment, Terrorist list renewal, DualUse Report. Plus, two case studies on export control violations and a brand new OMG section: Vultures take over a #CBP radio tower. And more...

Week 2/2020   06 -12 January

Content: The latest on Brexit explained, the first look at HS 2022, 'JCPOA commitments canceled, EAR changes proposed, US ADD measures, UN Sanctions explained, US Iran designations, Dubai and UAE lead's the world on customs' modernization and an invitation to celebrate IDC 2020? And more...