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Previous  Edition                           Week 9   24 February - 1 March 2020

Coronavirus or COVID-19 continues to tighten its grip around the globe, with more severe impacts on global trade and the worldwide economy.  To support the global trade community in this increasingly challenging time, have created three blog entries on  COVID-19: History, transmission, symptoms, possible treatment and potential prevention, 10 WHO recommendation and we look at the economic effects on global trade. We continue to monitor and report on WHO, EU and US official recommendations and progress and will publish them here.

On Customs, USTR issued a Notice on China product exclusions. If you are confused about the never-ending flood of new USTR notices, fear not. We have published a blog for subscribers to get background on the US-China trade dispute, understand the Section 301 Lists, the products included and the exception.

Over the pond, a big week for many industries in the EU, as the 01/2020 EU Tariff suspensions are published. We have the full list in this week’s edition.

On the trade agreement side, While President Trump forged new ties with India, the EU-UK negotiations mandate is approved by the EU Council and talks start Monday. We look at what the EU is saying (see there what the UK is saying).

On Export Controls, the EU amended the Dual-Use reg. and lists two Turks for illegal drilling activities. In the US the fight against terrorism continues, US-designated Hizballah affiliated companies and officials as Global Terrorists.

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This week we offer two special reports. First, Germany's largest export control conference took place in Berlin this week. We look at who was there and what was discussed. We created a special blog entry to keep you up to speed. 

Next, the spread coronavirus across China and other parts of the world is having an impact on Global Trade and discussions are beginning in the Boardroom as to how to prepare. Questions like "Where is my stuff?" and "Where else can I get my stuff from?" need to be answered. We look at what Customs Managers and Global Trade Professionals need to know and do now.

Of course, we monitored US and EU legislation in the field of customs, trade agreements and export controls as you have come to expect. This service replaces all the endless newsletters and alerts filling your inbox beyond control. And if you need us to cover a different country or jurisdiction, get in touch. 

 Week 8   17 - 23 February 2020

Week 7: 11-16 February 2020

The most significant Export Control in Europe takes place next week in Berlin. Say Hi if you are going! I'd love to meet you there. 


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The US has published a significant HTS change to take account of recent Presidential and Trade Representative decisions. In the EU, first customs classification decisions of 2020 have been published by the EU. We need a register of these, so we can factor them into our classification determination process. I have started such a register, see here. Also looks out for EU registration measures against continuous filament glass fibre products from Egypt.

As regards trade agreements, the EU-Vietnam trade deal cleared another hurdle, passing the EU Parliament. We look at what it means for the EU. Not so good news for Cambodia, losing its EBA GSP status for now. This means higher customs duty, so watch out for that from next week. Also, EU-UK relations take further twists and turns, we summarised it in a blog.

Huawei charged with conspiracy and stealing trade secrets tops the export control developments this week. The news that the EU does not have the powers to enforce its own sanctions is noteworthy and slightly baffling but doesn’t compare in levels of drama 😊

In the “From Around the World” sections, the focus is on agreements signed by Indonesia and Peru with Australia. 

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Week 6: 3-7 February 2020

 A big week for US & Chinese tariff measures – as both countries prepare to slash additional duty by half! Separately, sadly, the US announced fresh duty on aluminium and steel for (almost) everyone! The man of steel will not be impressed! 
On Trade Agreements nothing can beat the UK’s drive for emancipation! We explore the EU-UK FTA negotiating mandate in separate explanatory blog entries! At the WTO the UK says it has now “grown-up” and is ready to show leadership! It has a Global Tariff Policy consultation and informs about how ADD/CVD will be applied. We only treat this at high-level here, so for comprehensive coverage of all customs, trade agreements and export control changes, consider a premium subscription “UK Legislative Monitoring & News”.  Comes with exclusive explainer blog entries, podcasts, training and much more to get you empowered.

On export controls, besides Mali restrictions, we look at an important case where an employee took a laptop with ITAR or EAR classified information outside of the USA without the appropriate licences. Essential for every Global Trade Professional who needs to train their staff on export control violations. 
In the “From Around the World” sections, there is lots from the WTO this week and in the OMG! section, what is the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on global trade?

Finally, I am excited to announce that I am hosting a meet-up on 9 March 2020 at the Elite Business Event in Central London and 8 April 2020 in Central Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It would be fantastic to meet you and discuss customs and global trade with you.

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