We uplift our profession by creating up-to-date, well trained and supported customs managers ready to grow global trade effectively, efficiently and compliantly.

Continuous C&GT training

Customs Managers need training, for themselves and for their staff. This training needs to be up-to-date, relevant, on-going, affordable.  It should be used to self-study or to train others. It should be based on a best practice training curriculum. 


We believe that the optimal set of knowledge, skills and behaviours required by customs professionals is detailed in the European Union Customs Competency Framework (EU Customs CFW) aims at harmonising and raising customs performance standards throughout the EU.


We will be guided by the EU's Customs Training Curricula when we deliver pieces of training via The Customs Manager, designed specifically for the Customs profession. 



This means, our training will build knowledge on the following topics:


1. Customs business understanding 
2. Tariff and classification 
3. Valuation 
4. Origin of goods
5. Prohibitions & restrictions 
6. Risk analysis
7. Supply chain operations 
8. Customs legislation & regulation 
9. Authorisation management 
10. Customs compliance assurance
11. Customs it systems & applications 
12. Entry of goods process 
13. Excise related to import and export 
14. Export & exit process 
15. Financial customs payment procedures 
16. Global environment and trends 
17. Release for free circulation process
18. Special procedures process (excluding transit)
19. Storage process
20. Transit process 
21. Vat related to import and export 


Also, there will be training on the following topics:


  • Trading under WTO Terms


Other topics may be added in the future. 


How will C&GT training be delivered?

Initially, we use our blog function to train customs managers. This will allow us to deliver on-going, bite-sized chunks learning based on issues currently affecting the global customs and trade environment. Each blog entry should fit one of the topics above and identify the Proficiency levels (T1 - Awareness, T2 - Trained, T3 - Experienced); the blog entry will focus on providing information and training, not advertising services of companies. It should add real value.


We may collaborate in the future with training providers or provide online training courses, which can be used to develop these competencies. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute to a specific topic (e.g. guest blog entry or running a webinar).