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COVID-19 Customs & Global Training Course 

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Red Cross. We will donate all the proceeds from this course to the fight against COVID-19 to the Red Cross. 

The new type of coronavirus confronts the US & European economy and its cross-border trading companies with unusual challenges.


Closed US, Canadian and Mexican borders, Internal European border controls and restrictions on the free movement of people, but also the restrictive measures of many other countries worldwide raise many questions.


What should you know about these restrictions and measures to support businesses?  We have designed a COVID-19 training course specifically for Customs Managers and Global Trade professionals.

This training provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic on customs and global trade procedures and processes in the US and the EU.  It explains the customs and global trade easement/facilitation and support measures taken by the administrations. 

Topics covered by this training
The following overview contains a selection of all subject areas to be dealt with in this training. Current changes in the law may result in shifts in the focus.

  • Export restrictions in the US, EU and worldwide – How to find out what restrictions apply

European Union Action

  • COVID-19 EU: Waiving VAT and customs duties on vital medical equipment - what you need to know

  • EU guidance on Customs issues related to the COVID-19 emergency explained

  • The common European response to the coronavirus outbreak explained


US Action

  • Deferment of Duties during COVID-19 response 

  • COVID-19 Cargo Resolution Team (CCRT)

  • a review of current CSMS Messages Related to COVID-19

  • Regulations and Rulings

  • COVID-19 Information of other Government Agencies

  • Overview of US and EU measures to support companies

  • The 2 trillion CARES ACT 

What you will get

  • Live Instructor-Led Lecture (1080p high-Resolution Video)

  • Power Point Presentation in .pdf (secured copy)

  • Training Plan

  • Summary Notes 

  • Online Quiz

  • Electronic badge of completion


  • Get a comprehensive overview of current developments with regard to current restrictions for cross-border traffic in the US and the EU

  • Overview of the import and export restrictions in place

  • Customs guidance on flexibility and easements issued by the EU and the EU

  • Understand mitigating measures by the US government and the European Union, including contact information

  • Supprot the Red Cross in this time of need