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At Customs Manager Ltd., we provide specialised advice and consultancy services that are designed to assist importers, exporters and other businesses involved in an international supply chain to act both compliantly and to their best advantage. That means being always up-to-date, trading compliantly and saving money. 


We pride ourselves in cutting down complexities by providing clear, straightforward, insightful and actionable advice that you can implement straight away. 

So, in order to know what to do next and not get lost in translation, arrange a call with your dedicated customs advisor today.


Every business that is involved in the global movement of goods has to follow customs regulations and pay duties and tax as appropriate to import and export goods. 

Complying with these rules involves careful planning and effective management as the rules are often complex and staying compliant with imports and exports can be tricky, even for large companies, as shipping requirements are subject to complex changes that make it difficult to keep up with the latest procedures.

Being proactive on compliance matters, which also means opportunities to save duty are missed - we can help with both and ensure Customs matters are not just a chore.

This is particularly important given any under declaration of duty can result in a business being assessed for duty, VAT, interest and penalties. Furthermore, over declaration of duty can result in lost profits as duty is often a sticking tax.



Our advice will be tailored around helping you grasp what is required from a legislative point of view and be proactive with your customs and trade paperwork, including licences, so you can ensure you are paying the right amount of tax and wherever possible spotting opportunities to reduce the tax payable. Any advice we give will be geared around these key factors as this will allow you to reach your global customers faster, cut costs, red tape and paperwork, de-risk and help you stay compliant.

In particular, you can get advice on the following, not exhaustive list of topics:​

  • Customs planning, including ensuring commodity codes, valuation and reliefs are correctly used;

  • Bespoke in-house training for international businesses on customs, export controls, trade agreements, AEO, excise and international VAT.

  • Compliance reviews, gap analysis and health checks on your current customs system and suggestions on how to improve it;

  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and Internal Compliance Programme (ICP) certification and authorisation;

  • VAT compliance 

  • Excise Duty compliance 

  • Assistance & representation in customs and licensing authorities checks and investigations

  • Reclaim of duty opportunities

  • Licences, authorisations and permission

  • Brexit related challenges

  • Customs clearance and details of how to file your customs declaration

  • EU, UK, US and Chinese Export Controls 


Getting great Customs Advice is essential for any business involved in the international movement of goods. In what can be incredibly difficult for businesses to navigate, the measures governing international trade go far beyond basic import and export procedures and the payment of duties - they affect a wide range of commercial policies and transactions. Unless managed and controlled properly with careful and timely planning, the process can prove incredibly costly.

If you are working with your dedicated customs manager at Customs Manager Ltd, to any advice and consultation will usually cover the following best practice topics:

  • Are you aware of the impact of customs, trade agreements and export controls, excise and Vat, as appropriate? Including product design through to the terms of delivery to your export customers?

  • Have you quantified the burden of custom duties, red tape and paperwork and compliance costs on your business, and their effect on your earnings?

  • Are you taking advantage of all available means of minimising customs duties and compliance costs, reliefs and general licences, trade agreements and exemptions, as appropriate? 

  • Does your organisation have a person who is especially responsible for customs, export controls, excise, VAT and its compliance as appropriate?

Those businesses that recognise the savings and operational benefits that good customs advice can bring will find that it allows them to concentrate more on what matters, as opposed to dedicating additional time and resourcing to troubleshooting and resolving issues.


We offer businesses a bespoke importing and exporting consulting service from certified, multilingual specialists on all customs, trade agreement and export control  trade matters with more than 15 years of experience. When you need advice, get ready to get the best.
Available in German, English, French and Spanish. Our mission is to help you reach your global customers faster, cut costs, red tape and paperwork, de-risk and stay compliance which allows you to grow globally. 

Our team has a combined century worth of experience in all aspects of customs, export controls, trade agreements, duty savings, VAT and excise duty, including AEO certification services, & duty and a vast knowledge of the systems involved with the importing and exporting of goods. We even operate our own customs filing software, so we can file customs declarations for you, in an out of Great Britain. We are more than capable to make sure your shipments comply with the requirements of customs authorities in the EU, the UK and globally. 

We offer a free 30-minute consultation which you can book easily on this website, by clicking Let's Talk or dropping a message in the chat. 

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"Fantastic knowledge and good simple explanations both in meetings and in documentations. Friendly, helpful and enthusiastic"

— Jen H., Customs Manager

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