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Customs & Global Trade

Starting up in Import & Export?
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fast track training course


Join our ½  day express training course which will kick-start your journey to C&GT mastery. Ideal for those that need to get familiar with Importing and Exporting and fast! Learn about essential concepts, systems and practices applied when bring goods into or out of a country. Learning will be applied practically through a series of hands-on exercises and case studies.  After this training, you will be able to make a positive impact in your company right away and start exporting or importing efficiently, effectively and, of course, complimentary.


1/2 Day (4  hours)

with short comfort breaks 

PD Points


Professional Development Points


Yes, Certificate of Participation or Completion (where knowledge test is passed)


Online, via Zoom


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You can request this training in German, Spanish and French

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You should attend if you are just starting a career in exporting  and importing. Perfect for new joiners, recent graduates or those changing careers back into global trade and customs. This course put you on a path to success in customs and global trade. Welcome (back)!


Packed with practical, interactive exercises and quizzes to sure an enjoyable, diverse experience.

A special feature is on the HANDS-ON practical training simulation (see below).


Delivered by Arne Mielken, a renowned customs and global trade expert & certified trainer with more than 15 years of experience.

CONTENT: 15 topics

  1. Definition of Export & Import

  2. Brexit & Rest of World: Trading outside the internal market - key differences

  3. The Golden Rule of Export & Import explained 

  4. A typical export + import journey

  5. Paperwork: What International Trade Documents do exporters and importers need to have

  6. Legal responsibilities of exporters and importers

  7. Supply chain planning: What route is the best? Impact on your business and supply chain partners

  8. Transportation: What mode of transport should I chose?

  9. Insurance: What level is appropriate?

  10. Incoterms: Which one is in our interest? Which one is actually possible? What are the consequences?

  11. Correctly Codifying

    • Products shipped: Introduction of Commodity HS Codes 

    • Reasons for import and export: Procedure Codes and how to get them right

  12. How to reduce customs duty and other taxes: Special Procedures and Rules of Origin

  13. What is it worth? A look at customs valuation to determine the value of your imports

  14. Keeping customers happy: How to prepare for unforeseen circumstances

  15. Payment options: Ensuring your long-term profitability in Global Trade 


A key feature of this training is the practical application of knowledge delivered.


Participants will be invited to assume the role of an import or export manager and organise an import or export movements. After the exercise, participants debrief and discuss their experience in the group and receive additional tips from the trainer. An immersive, practical experience to get you ready for your job.


  • Four Hours of Live Face To Face Training with experiences customs & global trade expert

  • Practical examples, guided by experts

  • Hands-On Simulation Training

  • Full Power Point Presentation used during training

  • Glossary of Terms, Jargon Busters

  • Export and Import Ready Reckoner, for students to consult on the job. 

  • Certificate of Participation for every participant to showcase the training. 

  • Online Test for checking of knowledge learned. If passed, students upgrade to “Certificate of Completion” 


"The perfect 1/2 day packed with information and practical tips on importing and exporting", Benjamin M, trainee at large EU wholesaler, August 2021

"Impressive knowledge and great, interactive way to deliver training online. No death by PowerPoint, but actually really insightful. I feel ready for my new job as import administrator now", Kristina O, UK Manufacturing company, October 2021

"Am I am changing career into exporting. Thank you for allowing me to catch up on the essentials so quickly. Now I can finally follow the discussions with my peers and contribute", John L, US export company. 


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