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CUstoms and Global TRADe

Meet the Experts. Find out what's on the horizon.

5 April 2022 - ONLINE

Customs and Global Trade update briefings are an excellent opportunity for the customs and global trade communities to come together and hear about the latest updates in the area of global trade. 


Join us to hear from your dedicated Customs and Global Trade expert about the latest changes in UK, US and EU customs and global trade matters.


Covering all the news, updates and developments of customs, trade agreements and export controls.

Our FREE Expert Briefing takes place twice a year. It provides a thorough update on all matters of customs and global trade for the EU and the UK. Joining is free. Register today.



Get up to speed with the latest customs changes in the EU, UK, US, WCO and more.


Listen to experts discussing key changes and evaluating impact for your business.


Opportunity to ask questions 


Which trade agreements entereed in to force? Which rules of origin changed? How do I claim prefential, duty free trade?


Get the top tips to save money whilst complying with the rules. Get insights on newest trade agreements. 


 Opportunity to ask questions.


Latest developments on export control law and policy changes in the EU, US and China + Russia and others Sanctions update

 Opportunity to ask questions.


  • 2.00 pm Welcome by Arne Mielken, Founder of Customs Manager Ltd. Horizon scanning: What coming in the next months in Customs & Global Trade (Summary)

  • 2.10pm -2.30pm "The three top trends in Global Trade in 2022 and what businesses can do", by Lesley Batchelor, OBE, Managing Director of Export Bootcamps

  • 2.30 - 3 pm "Notable Updates from the Pillars of Customs Compliance: Classification, Origin, Valuation & Management/IT" by Mike Bing, Director of Customs Operations, Eurora Solutions 

  • 3pm-3.30pm "My Top Lessons from Brexit as a Customs Professional" by Jane Stanley, Head of Customs at Lidl UK Ltd.

  • 3.30pm-4pm "UK's CDS: Essential advice to prepare for upcoming e-customs declaration filing system changes" by Cara Ramchandani, CDS Migration & Onboarding Team, HM Revenue and Customs

  • 4pm-4.20pm "Recommendations for Navigating Sanctions for Customs and Global Trade Professionals" by Arne Mielken, Managing Director of Customs Manager Ltd.

  • 4.20pm-4.40pm "A successful career in customs: My TOP TIPS for upcoming young customs & global trade professionals" by Corinne Navabi, Customs Expert with the Customs Tower. THIS WILL BE CORINNE'S FINAL MEETING AS SHE ENDS A 40-YEAR CAREER N CUSTOMS. 

  • 4.40pm-4.50pm Thank You Toast & Celebration to Corinne Navabi

4.50-5pm Conclusions & Closing by Arne Mielken, Founder of Customs Manager Ltd.

There will be 5 to 10 minutes reserved for every presentation to ask questions. Participants are encouraged to send the questions beforehand. If there is not enough time to answer the questions during the meeting, we will answer them post the event. 

Agenda is subject to change. 

Who Should ATTEND

Any person involved in imports, exports and moving goods across borders internationally that needs to comply with customs relations, ensure that items reach global customers as fast as possible, minimize paperwork. It is also useful for supply chain specialists, logistic operators and strategic C-suite operatives that wish to know what is on the horizon to allow for price setting, planning and routing. Function what would benefit from attendance include:

  • Customs managers, administrators and officers 

  • Export Control officers 

  • Sales and Sales Executives

  • Supply chain and logistic operators 

  • Warehouse and distribution centre staff

  • Lawyers and legal departments 

  • Freight forwarders and hauliers moving goods across borders

  • Government officials


Customs and Global Trade experts and renowned speakers of the past have included:

  • Lesley Batchelor, Export Champion and OBE 

  • Corinne Nabavi, Customs Expert with more than 30 years of customs management experience 

  • Marcello Irlando, Dual Use Export Control Team, Directorate-General for Trade, European Commission

  • Arne Mielken, Managing Director of Customs Manager Ltd. Expert speaker on customs and global trade.

  • Mike Bing, Director of Customs Operations, Eurora Solutions 

  • ​​Jane Stanley, Head of Customs at Lidl UK Ltd.

  • Cara Ramchandani, CDS Migration & Onboarding Team, HM Revenue and Customs

and many more. 

The3-hour afternoon conference starting at 2pm (UK time) or 3pm (CET) is free to attend. 



Relieve former conferences, watch anytime, anywhere and from any device and download the slides of the last update.

  • Please submit your questions in advance using the chat

  • There will be 5-10 minutes of opportunity for all participants to ask questions

  • The slides and the recording will be made available after the event on a dedicated event page.

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