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Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year 2022

Customs Training during the holidays

Training with a fun twist

 It is Christmas time again and Father Christmas is stressed.

He has less than 24 hours to get billions of Children the right Christmas present, of course, under "just-in-time" delivery conditions. How will Father Christmas cope? Let's help him.


We have designed the X-Mas Special Customs Training, which is just perfect for self-study around the more quiet Christmas time. The training covers the fundamentals of customs in a "Ho-Ho-Ho" context and provides awareness to you, Him, Rudolph and all elves on what you need to know to make sure your presents do not get stuck at the border. Comes with a summary sheet, a quiz and a certificate of completion. Get CC ("Christmas Customs") savvy today. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and - Ho-Ho-Ho!


  • Study on any decice or computer, anytime and from anywhere

  • Follows a set module based schedule.

  • Course materials are available as soon as the course begins and are released as you work through the course.

  • Modules and tests not have start or due dates.

  • Excellent option for making training more affordable, whether for individuals or entire teams.


Beginners customs compliance training designed for those with customs compliance duties in industry and finance. Modern, interactive course with case studies, that most will finish in three hours. 


Module 1: Setting the scene: Father Christmas needs your help

Module 2: Customs at Christmas - What Father Christmas and the elves need to know about. What is customs clearance?Module 3: Why does customs classification matter for Father Christmas and the Elves?

Module 4: Customs valuation or What is the value or  christmas presents: They are  priceless

Module 5: Origin for customs purposes or: What ISO code is the Northpole? Where does father Christmas live?

Module 6: Prohibitions & Restrictions and Import and Export or Licences or Who dares to stop Father Christmas?

Module 7: What are Customs Special Procedures? or Making Christmas cheaper 

Module 8: Simplifications or sliding down the chimney quicker

Module 9 Authorised Economic Operator or Maybe better to get this for next year, Father Christmas?

Summary & Conclusion

Final Exam


The modules consist of scrolling text and images in a mobile-responsive layout, with many opportunities for interaction such as knowledge checks, clickable items, downloads and more.

Each module includes animated, narrated videos and interactive elements

This format is well suited to audiences accustomed to reading online articles. It is mobile/bandwidth-friendly. Includes critical thinking assignments, engaging case study examples, check for understanding questions and other opportunities for interaction .

This ensures that participants do not passively listen/read for prolonged periods of time.


Interactive components have been consistently proven to increase learner engagement and improve retention of material.

Throughout this course, students benefit from

  • A dedicated customs expert as your course tutor

  • Communicate with your course tutor via chat 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Explainer videos throughout the course

  • Questions and request for opinion at multiple times throughout the course, shared with the course tutor

  • Quizzes throughout the course to check understanding of modules

  • Final Quiz to ensure learning after completion of all modules.

  • Certificate of completion is quiz is passed, otherwise Certificate of Participation 


Complete your training plan within one month of purchase by passing the Final Quiz (Pass Mark 80%) to receive the digital badge of competition and a Certificate of Completion by e-mail to recognize your efforts and newly gained knowledge.


To study this course, you will need

  • A good internet connection

  • about three hours to complete the training.

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