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The European Union 
Export Controls

Make Your Business EU Export Control Law Compliant 30 Days (or Less)


YOU: THE Subject-Matter Expert in Export Controls

This Export Controls Training Programme offers a comprehensive understanding of the laws, regulations, and practice of export controls in the European Union. The blended learning programme combines online and face to face training with the aim to deliver a deeper understanding of the complex subject.

Are you prepared to become your company's go-to person for any export control issues?

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European companies who sell equipment with both commercial and military capabilities throughout the world are vulnerable. In the area of export controls, the European Union has implemented a stringent law that applies to all 27 EU Member States. It is clear: the implications of non-compliance for your organisation are serious – no corporation can afford to spend millions of dollars and, in the worst-case scenario, have employees face jail sentences.

Export Control Professionals - like YOU - are routinely summoned to assist. Your work is held to very high standards: Among many other responsibilities, the export control manager must grasp complex laws and regulations, apply them to the business, analyse and reduce effect, and apply for and manage export control licences.

This may be exhausting. But there is help available, and a portion of the solution is simple to get.

The simplest way for businesses to avoid infringing the rules is to enable ongoing upskilling and training of their employees, which can vary from awareness workshops to deep dive trainings.


Customs Manager gives exporting businesses of all sizes the assurance they need to export lawfully. Our team of export controls and sanctions professionals is prepared to educate you how to comprehend and apply export control rules and regulations.  We offer awareness raising sessions or full study programmes, which lead to certification. Just like this one ⇒









01 Our Expert Led On-DEMANd course

We understand your pain. You've got a lot on your plate, and now you have to squeeze in studying the new EU Dual Use Regulation? No thanks!

But we've got good news: now you don't need to spend hours sifting through a long, boring document. With our 3-hour training course, you can get up to speed on all the most important points of this document, and learn the exact steps you need to take to comply with it.

Spend three hours with Arne Mielken as he guides you through the EU export control legislation in six separate professional videos. Ideal for individuals as well as teams working remotely throughout the world. This learning approach allows you total independence in terms of time and place.


Learn about the EU Dual Use Regulation 821/2021, a rule with important ramifications for all compliant organisations. Instead of "Death by Power Point," we purposefully picked a different, more engaging structure. All six segments will consist of a Q&A with the editor of the leading export control publication WorldECR's, Tom Blass, who interviews Arne. You may also ask Arne as a course student. We will use the chat function to ensure that every question you pose is answered - just as if you were joining live. Oh and did we forget that there are interactive quizzes and knowledge checkpoints, too? 

Of course, there will be a "exam" at the conclusion, as well as a certificate of completion for those students who complete the course.

Are you up for the challenge?

Discover what you will be hearing about: 

Overview of the key changes in a nutshell

In session one, Arne moves quickly through the key changes to the regulation, providing you with a checklist of areas to further explore – including: the new broader definitions of ‘exporter’ and 'broker', new provision for  Member State  information sharing,  emphasis on cybersurveillance and human rights concerns, and broader catch-all provision. He also asks – and answers – whether, in practice, EU Member States can now create their own control lists.

PART 2:The new cyber surveillance controls – what, why, how?

The EU law is, in part, driven by a perceived need for better technology that might be used for ‘cyber surveillance’. This session looks at the breadth of new provisions, including on catch-all, the new ‘transmissible controls’ concept, and other areas of the Regulation which may in particular affect the ICT sector. 

PART 3:Could I be caught by catch-all?

Catch-all deals with the control of non-listed items that may nonetheless  be put to dangerous uses in the wrong hands. It creates compliance challenges because it demands subjective evaluation of items and users. Here Arne discusses how best to prepare for the 821/2021 catch-all requirements – and having the right systems in place.

PART 4: Two new General Licences: Are they right for my company,  and  how do I use them?

Regulation 821/2021 introduces two new General Licences:
EU007 covers the intra-group export of most software and technology listed in Annex I Union; and EU008 covers, subject to several conditions and requirements, the export of certain (but not all) encryption items.  
But – each comes with strings attached! In this session, Arne takes a deep dive into licences, and looks at their potential, and their limits. Could they be right for your company?

SESSION 5: The EU Export control regime – for non-EU companies

This session focuses on how the EU export control regime affects the business operations of non-EU companies. It looks at non-EU exporters’ obligations such as registration and record keeping, and the opportunity created by the ‘licensing gateway’ by which an exporter not resident or established within the EU can still obtain an individual export authorisation from the Member State authority responsible for issuing authorisations where the dual use items are located. 

Session 6:Putting it all together: What does the Regulation mean for my ICP?

In Session 6, Arne addresses attendees’ questions on the regulation, and talks through strategies for incorporating its provisions into an Internal Compliance Plan.


Spend a few hours with Arne LIVE! This is your chance to

  • ask inquiries

  • clarify the study's findings

  • go deeply into any difficulties or questions

  • Apply what you've learned to your organisation with Arne's help.

  • create a road plan of tasks to be taken

  • Discuss difficult problems. Supply chains, for example.

You will benefit from your skilled control professional's undivided attention as he or she assists you in understanding, clarifying, and planning the next actions.

03 GET Ongoing SUPPORT
Six Months
for FREE

Export Regulations Laws and laws are always changing. You must keep current in order to respond to queries from the business and your trading partners. You must always be one step ahead of the game. Also, who do you go to if you have a complicated question? Your own Export Control Manager. Signing up for this programme provides you six months of ongoing virtual export control support, saving you more than 360 GBP (more than €400 / $ 400). This implies that you will always have the assistance of an export control specialist.

  • notify you of the most recent changes in export regulations that affect you

  • address any queries you may have asked in the conversation

Normally, the monthly subscription fee is 59 GBP per month - but for students of this programme, it is entirely FREE. 

So, don't hesitate! Study with Customs Manager today and get six months worth of support for FREE. 


Simply type a message into the conversation and provide your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your needs. Alternatively, you may book a free appointment at any time to discuss your requirements. Booking is available at

So don't be shy! Study right now!

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