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Export Controls 

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Dual Use & Military Goods Controls 

Staying abreast with complex exporting rules is never easy. What's more, the penalties for non-compliance are severe. Being compliant when it comes to exporting is not a choice. Stringent export control laws are complex for businesses to understand and comply with. 

Customs Manager enables exporting businesses of all sizes with the confidence to export compliantly. Our team of export controls and sanctions specialists are ready to equip you with the skills to grasp and manage export control laws and regulations competently. 

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Complex Brexit questions on export controls and sanctions solved

This EU company working with a dedicated export controls consultant to legally move controlled goods out of Great Britain to a sanctioned county.


This high-end Fashion Retailer boosts export control compliance in cryptography.

This global high-end fashion retailer was aware that some of their sophisticated equipment uses cryptography. The challenge was to identify if the items concerned were covered by the applicable controlled dual-use lists. 


UK Manufacturer does not run dry with expert export advice from Customs Manager Ltd

This UK manufacturer hired our export controls consultant to ensure full compliance with dual-use item exports to the EU after Brexit

Internal Compliance programmes (ICP)

European Union


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EU: 821-2021 EXPERT Blog ENTRIES

EU: 821-2021 Clinic VIDEO CAST

We are delighted to present a six-webinar series giving you the lowdown on the EU export control regulation.

In a series of easily digestible web sessions, Arne Mielken of Customs Manager will explain the key provisions of the new ‘recast’ Regulation 821/2021, which came into force on 9 September and has important  consequences  for all compliant businesses.

The sessions take the form of a Q&A with Tom Blass, WorldECR's editor, putting the questions to Arne and inviting participants to ask theirs, too.  

Session 1:
Overview of the key changes in a nutshell

In session one, Arne moves quickly through the key changes to the regulation, providing you with a checklist of areas to further explore – including: the new broader definitions of ‘exporter’ and 'broker', new provision for  Member State  information sharing,  emphasis on cybersurveillance and human rights concerns, and broader catch-all provision. He also asks – and answers – whether, in practice, EU Member States can now create their own control lists.

Available after the LIVE! event, paid plan subscription required.

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Session 2:The new cyber surveillance controls – what, why, how?

The recast was, in part, driven by a perceived need for better technology that might be used for ‘cyber surveillance’. This session looks at the breadth of new provisions, including on catch-all, the new ‘transmissible controls’ concept, and other areas of the Regulation which may in particular affect the ICT sector. 

Available after the LIVE! event, paid plan subscription required.

Session 3:Could I be caught by catch-all?