The Practical Application of the IE/NI Protocol


Webinar, 2 November 2020

 10 am (BST) - 11 am (CET)

After the end of the transition period, the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland  applies. The EU and the United Kingdom have agreed that Northern Ireland, but this brings up many questions of practical relevance that has businesses on all sides of the Irish Sea scratching their head. How will it work practically? How will the trade flows GB to NI and NI to GB be organised? What happens to flows from Belfast to Dublin? What customs law applies and when is which customs duty charge and why whom? What are goods "at risk"? And how will we operate special procedures, if at all possible? While we cannot know every granular detail of how it will work, there is a lot we do know, and its time to raise awareness and explain how it will work. Join us to find out.

Participants are invited to post their questions BEFORE the webinar and they will be answered live!


1. What is the IE/NI Protocol and why does it matter?

2. Customs Territory: Where are we

3. Flow GB -> NI Analysed

4. Flow NI -> GB Analysed 

5. Flow EU via GB to IE Analysed

6. Flows NI to IE and IE to NI Analysed

7. Customs Duty Payments. How? Who? When? How much?

8. Products "at risk" and the role of the Joint Committee

9. More complex questions: Special Procedures

10. Your questions


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  •  Arne Mielken has been advising and training clients on Brexit and customs & global trade matters for over 15 years. Besides classical consultancy and advice, he trains customs managers and businesses on customs optimisation strategies to leverage savings opportunities. He provides bespoke professional legislative monitoring of customs & global trade law changes and assists companies with thought leadership development in the field of customs & global trade. Customs Manager has offices in the UK and the EU.  

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