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What is an LRN and how do I get one?

(FREE) LRN are used for transit declarations. Find out how to get them

If you need a transit declaration, you will need to produce an LRN in order to complete the document.

The Local Reference Number (LRN) is the declarant’s own unique number and must be included on the transit declaration. The format of the LRN is left to the declarant’s discretion, provided that it is unique and that it does not exceed 22 characters.

How do I get one?

When you create a TAD you generate an LRN. The LRN is presented to Customs at the office of departure, normally the export port. Customs check and authenticate it and promote the LRN into an approved MRN and the goods are now free to move.

This can be authenticated away from the port if using Authorised Consignor approval.

How does an LRN (Local Reference Number) look?

The transit declaration ID is generated in the declarant’s system, is a unique identification code for each individual declaration. The LRN consists of 22 characters and has the following structure:

  • Characters 1-8: Declarant's identificationnumber (NODI number)

  • Characters 9-17: Date (yyyymmdd)

  • Characters 17-22: Sequential number

Example: NO12345620131025123456

How Many LRNs Do I Need?

You will only need one LRN if all the consignments that you are transporting over the border are listed under one transit declaration.

If you are transporting multiple consignments that are listed under multiple transit declarations, then you will need to obtain a separate LRN for each transit declaration that you submit.

A lot of drivers have not been aware that they may need to present multiple LRNs. This has meant that they are being held at the port, putting a strain on the supply chain and preventing them from delivering the goods to their final destination.

It is really important that you provide a separate LRN with each transit declaration in order to be successful in transporting goods between the UK and the EU.

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