Brexit: TSS goes live - Wanting to learn how the NI trade will work? Look no further....

We share important analysis and research as to how the "border" between NI and GB will actually look.

The Trader Support Service has gone live ton 28 August 2020. You can find the link to the register an interest page on here: Businesses accessing the TSS portal will be able to register with it, and access training materials.

HMRC have issued a press notice, a copy of which is here:

NAT XX 20 Support service for Northern I
Download • 138KB

HMRC has also written to thousands of businesses in NI and across the UK to make them aware of the TSS and the changes they will need to navigate as a result of the NI Protocol.

But how will it actually work in practice? What is TSS supposed to do? How will the pre-logement model work and can you explain the Withdrawal Agreement Protocol with reference to Northern Ireland in plain language?

YES, we can.....


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