COVID-19 EU Customs Guidance + EU action plan on Customs Union + What's a critical worker?



EU Guidance on Customs issues related to the COVID-19 emergency

As a result of the crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic, questions have emerged concerning the application of customs provisions relating to the customs decision-making process, customs procedures and customs formalities.

Therefore, the Commission services from TAXUD just published so-called guidelines for the particular cases outlined below. A number of existing provisions have been identified that provide valid solutions in these exceptional circumstances.

The objective of this document is, therefore, to offer guidance to the concerned stakeholders on practical solutions given by the current legal framework, in order to ensure a uniform application of the UCC even in this time of crisis. As the situation can evolve rapidly and imply further guidance on additional issues, this note is intended as an evolving document that will be updated as needed.

The guide outlines some practical solutions for the application of customs procedures during the current Covid-19 emergency.

This 8-page document covers:

- e-commerce,

- customs decisions,

- customs debts and guarantees,

- import of goods (including medical, surgical and emergency laboratories, treatment),

- presentation of goods,

- customs procedures (such as temporary storage),

- transit,

- some special procedures (i.e. inward/outward processing, and re-export), and

- export of goods.

ACTION PLAN on the Customs Union

The Commission would like to hear views. The attached action plan will take the Customs Union to the next level, in the context of a fast-changing and complex world. It will propose a revised long-term Customs Union strategy, fit and agile to tackle the growing internal and external demands.

These actions should obtain the most from the modern Customs Union framework, driving coherent implementation across the EU and supporting compliance. The plan mainly targets a more integrated approach to risk analysis and controls.

Submit your views here:

What is a critical worker? The Covid-19 crisis has led to the introduction of unprecedented measures across EU Member States, including reintroduced checks at their internal borders.

The Guidelines for border management measures to protect health and ensure the availability of goods and essential services1 have set out the principles for an integrated approach to effective border management to protect public health while preserving the integrity of the internal market.

According to paragraph 23 of the Guidelines, Member States should permit and facilitate the crossing of frontier workers, in particular but not only those working in the health care and food sector, and other essential services (e.g. child care, elderly care, critical staff for utilities) to ensure continued professional activity.

The continued free movement of all workers in critical occupations is essential, including both frontier workers and posted workers. Member States should allow workers to enter the territory of the host Member State and have unhindered access to their place of work if they exercise in particular one of the following occupations:


EU Guidance on Customs issues related to the COVID-19 emergency

ACTION PLAN on the Customs Union

What is a critical worker?

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