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Delays in NCTS5 Implementation by Some CTC Member Countries

It has come to our attention that some members of the CTC will not be able to use NCTS5 by November 2023. To ensure the smooth flow of goods, the NCTS translation service between NCTS4 and NCTS5 will continue to function, translating messages as it currently does.

16 November 2023

As for the UK, the transition to NCTS5 will proceed as planned on November 16, 2023. All newly submitted transit declarations for movements on or after November 16 must be made through NCTS5.

UK Announces Delay

To give UK transit users more time to adjust to the changes that come with NCTS5, HMRC will delay the implementation of certain NCTS5 functions.

Commodity Codes Not Mandatory

These include Commodity Codes, which will not be mandatory yet, and the electronic presentation of MRN.


Until all CTC member countries adopt NCTS5, the paper Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) must still be carried with goods.

However, HMRC will inform you as soon as you can present the MRN electronically instead of carrying a paper TAD.

Recording Incident

As for recording incident details during transit, you will still need to use the paper TAD as you currently do. But we will notify you when you can use the new Office of Incident role to record incidents in real-time during transit

Next Steps

Rest assured that we will provide regular updates and guidance to assist you in preparing for the switch to NCTS5 on November 16, 2023, and for the delayed implementation of certain NCTS5 functions.


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