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EU Customs & Global Trade Member's Monitor - Week 20

Only for our valued members who subscribe to our support plans do we provide exclusive analysis of customs and trade law.


  • EU Single Customs Window agreed - Read our Analysis and join a Member's Only Zoom Call.

  • ADD on corrosion-resistant steels from China

  • Sanctions against Sudan

  • EU Cyberattack Sanction legislation renewed until 2025

  • New Customs Classification


EU Single Customs Window + INVITATION TO A ZOOM MEMBERS' Call

The EU has agreed on an ambitious plan for a European Single Window for Customs.

Click here to read the announcement.

We have analysed the EU Single Window initiative and provide our view and comments here.

You are invited to a member's exclusive Zoom meeting to discuss the EU Single Window initiative and learn much more about it.

When: Jun 6, 2022 16:00 London

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.



ADD on certain corrosion-resistant steels from China

The EU issued a notice of the impending expiry of anti-dumping measures im relation to certain corrosion-resistant steels from China under 2022/C 197/04 C/2022/3063


Sanctions against Sudan

The EU has reviewed the list of Sudanese persons subject to sanctions. They decided to keep Michael Makuei Lueth on the list. He is Minister for Information and Broadcasting since 2013. Makuei has obstructed the political process in South Sudan, in particular by obstructing through inflammatory public statements. Link here

EU Cyber Attack Sanction legislation renewed until 2025

With Council Decision (CFSP) 2022/754 of 16 May 2022 amending Decision (CFSP) 2019/797 concerning restrictive measures against cyber-attacks threatening the Union or its Member States the validity of that Decision has been extended until 18 May 2025 and the restrictive measures set out therein have been extended until 18 May 2023. Here


Update PEM Convention

The EU Commission issued a notice concerning applying the transitional rules of origin providing for diagonal cumulation between 30 plus countries in the pan-Euro-Mediterranean (PEM) zone. The refernce is 2022/C 202/01.

So that diagonal cumulation can be applied, countries in the PEM notify each other with this notice of the origin rules in force.

Diagonal cumulation (of working, processing and/or materials) can only be applied if countries where the final manufacture of the product takes place and the country of final destination have concluded free trade agreements, containing identical rules of origin! These products are deemed as originating.

The notice shows two tables that matter:

Table 1 is a simplified overview of cumulation possibilities on 1 April 2022. An ‘X’ marks the existence between 2 partners of a free trade agreement containing rules of origin allowing cumulation based on the transitional rules of origin. To use diagonal cumulation with a third partner, an ‘X’ should be present in all the intersection of the table between the 3 partners.

Table 2 shows the date from which diagonal cumulation is applicable. The dates mentioned referring to the date of application of diagonal cumulation on the basis of Article 8 of Appendix A to each protocol on rules of origin between the applying Contracting Parties. In that case the date is preceded by ‘(T)’.

There is also a list of countries applying the transitional rules is also contained in the document. Document here.

EU PEM: Alternative Rules of Origin Businesses gain much-needed flexibility to bring in more products duty-free, but confusion on what rules actually apply run supreme argues Arne Mielken of Customs Manager Ltd.

Euro-PEM: Cumulation matrix for transitional, preferential Rules of Origin The EU's second Euro-PEM Matrix allows firms to benefit from diagonal cumulation under the transitional rules of origin. Download the matrix + explanation.

Cumulation makes it much easier for business to get their goods to "originate" unlocking cost savings. For the Euro-Med region, a special matrix specifies options


New EU customs classification - INVITATION TO A ZOOM call

Every once in a while, the EU issues classification decisions. Just like this week! They are helpful for the trade community in creating a best practice classification argumentation and to check if you had reached the same commodity code. This is why we run classification quizzes and talk our members through difficult cases. Together we can crack customs classification.

The EU has classified a shower-bath. If you would like to challenge your teams on this one without giving the answer away, here is the way to do it: Can they get to the same answer as the EU? We go through this and other examples to help upskill teams worldwide on classification:-) or jump to the Decision here

Join us to discuss this and other EU classification decisions.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

When: Jun 13, 2022 16:00 London

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


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