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Why Getting A Customs Manager Pays Off Quicker Than You May Think

Explore the benefits of having a customs manager on speed-dial with our low fee subscription model.

You and I both know it: Customs compliance and worldwide trade have increased enormously as a result of ever-changing trade legislation, logistical technology, and globalization.

Customs - an afterthought?

However, customs and global trade compliance are often considered as an afterthought: "Customs is unimportant; what matters are the sales we make. Customs is taken care of by the freight agent, it's a no issue" is a regular remark I hear.

With all due respect, you are completely incorrect!

It is doubtful that your next growth market overseas will be easy sailing unless you recognise the strategic role of customs in your business and the individuals who specialise in it.

Who you' gonna call?

Well, if there is a ghost in your house, you'd call ghostbusters, wouldn't you. They are the exerts in busting ghosts. Similarly, you would engage an accountant to manage your books and assist you to pay your taxes, and you would hire a marketing specialist to run your marketing. To effectively trade over international boundaries, you would hire a customs compliance specialist and a global trade professional. This is nothing just anyone can do.

Why go for an expert?

It is critical to have a professional customs manager ready to engage with you in order to control risk, ensure compliance, and provide cost savings. The fact is that keeping up with the ever-changing regulations is challenging. A specialist with the necessary knowledge and expertise may assist businesses in managing their trade compliance by remaining current on customs changes, obtaining the most recent filing instructions, and providing advise on how to prevent trade compliance blunders.

But do I need to hire one?

Companies have traditionally hired a customs manager or a team of customs professionals. This is costly, since experts tend to be more expensive than average labour. These specialists have invested in specialized training and development, as well as industry experience, to give the guidance and assistance they can provide your firm. With expertise, a good customs manager may be able to negotiate a six-figure yearly wage. Let's be real: Often, this is simply too expensive, and businesses cannot afford to engage an expert. What are your options if you can't afford to hire a great customs manager?

It can't be that difficult to train my team, can it?

As an alternative, current employees may be schooled in customs and global trade and assigned extra obligations on top of their present duties. But have you ever seen someone overnight become an expert? Sure, you can learn to drive a car quickly, but we're talking about competing in a racing car competition and winning. That's a lot more difficult, don't you think? To become a race car competition champion, you will need years of trying and failing, endless hours of studying theory, and many years of experience. The same is true for customs and global trade. So, bringing in an outside professional is critical as you develop firm skills and understanding.

How to get a customs manager

So you can't hire a full-time one because you don't have the money, and you can't gain skills overnight, so training up employees with one-day training courses won't cut it either. Oh, and before you wonder: Paying a big charge to a consultant is also out of the question. So, what is the answer?

Simply hire a customs manager! Immediately! Our membership subscription gives you rapid access to experience and information at the press of a button. Open seasame's box to uncover a world of customs guidelines, tips, tactics, and advice available wherever and whenever you want it. You may speak with a genuine professional whenever you want and receive the assistance you want without breaking the budget. Our subscription strategy is extremely adaptable and continues from month to month. And you may cancel it at any moment (though we don't believe you should).

How getting a customs manager with us pays off immediately

We will be ready to meet with you as soon as possible to get to know you and your company. Even on the first contact, we will address the most important issues and offer helpful advice. Then, every week, we offer amazing insights on our dedicated and exclusive expert blog, which is exclusively accessible to paying subscribers. There is a 24/7 365-day manned chat where you can talk to your customs manager whenever you need to help your business, increase compliance, and work on cost-cutting initiatives, such as using all free trade agreements to save customs duty. Without a surety, your monthly investment will be reimbursed with the first call:-) and tenfold subsequently.

Let us impress you

So what are you waiting for? Take out a 30-day free trial today with no commitment and see what your customs manager can do for you :-)

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