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Halloween's Scary Story 🎃: Messing with the HS Code for the last time!

As Halloween approaches, we invite you to discover the scary and spooky story of shrewd businessman John, who is trying to avoid paying customs duty. Read what happened to him if you date. Happy Halloween!

John, a shrewd businessman, faced a dilemma on Halloween.

He had just received a shipment of imported goods he planned to sell in his store.

However, the customs duty on these goods was ridiculously high, and John didn't want to pay such exorbitant fees.

So, he hatched a plan.

John had heard a way to pay no customs duty under his customs system: He could pay lower of no customs duty simply by choosing a different HS code - one that attracts NO duty duty!

He knew that the HS code was a unique classification code given to each product type, determining the appropriate duty to be paid. John had a mischievous idea - he purposefully chose the wrong HS code for his goods to pay a significantly lower customs duty.


On Halloween night, when darkness cloaked the streets, John set his plan into motion.

He carefully examined the goods and their descriptions, searching for a code that would help him evade the high customs duty.

He found a code for a similar type of item but with a significantly lower duty rate.

A grin spread across his face as he filled out the customs declaration form, deliberately entering the wrong HS code.

John submitted the customs declaration and eagerly awaited the results. His heart raced with every passing second, wondering if his audacious plan would work.

Soon, the customs system accepted his declaration, and he checked on the fees to pay: "Customs Duty Payable: 0% - Success, I saved big" he shouted into the cold Halloween night.

So, the customs IT system accepted the wrong code, but what about the customs officials? Will they notice, he wondered, as he fell asleep, satisfied by his exceptional performance.

What he did not know was that a spooky presence was watching every step that John made that fatal Halloween night. Unknown to him, that presence heard and saw everything...

The next day, sure enough, he received a call from the customs office. They had noticed the discrepancy in the HS code and wanted him to explain.

John, being an experienced businessman, presented a convincing argument. He claimed the code he had chosen was correct based on the product's functions and specifications. He provided a carefully crafted explanation, filled with technical jargon and confusing details, hoping to sway the customs officials.

To his surprise, the customs officials accepted his explanation and agreed that the original code he had chosen was indeed correct.

John's plan had worked!

He had successfully manoeuvred the system, paying a significantly lower customs duty than he would have originally owed. In fact, he paid NOTHING! Profit margin: 100%

With a sigh of relief, John praised himself for his cunning strategy. His profit margins had received a much-needed boost, all thanks to his Halloween misadventure.

Little did he know, however, that his actions would eventually catch up with him.

John was very surprised when one month later, customs officials knocked on his door unannounced: "We are here to conduct an audit. "Someone" or "something" tipped you off - you have been misdeclaring HS codes on purpose to avoid paying duties. We have a detailed account of what you did on Halloween" the customs authorities said.

It did not take them long to discover the intentional misclassification of the goods, realizing that John had purposely chosen the wrong HS code to evade higher customs duties.

John was shocked. "But you cannot know - I told no one and was so careful. How can you know?"

"Oh it was just Officer Morreen! She can detect non-compliance with customs rules immediately and visit the wrong-doers to record their actions and then share them with us. She is a very special customs officer. Especially on Halloween," the customs officer proclaimed in delight.

"But no one was there. How can that be?" John uttered in shock.

"Let that be a lesson for you. Remember: Customs sees everything. Customs sees what you don't. In this world or a different one. Non-compliance does not pay off ---ever"

John faced hefty fines and penalties for his fraudulent actions, tarnishing his reputation and financial standing.

In the end, John's Halloween trickery proved to be his own undoing. The temporary gains he had secured were overshadowed by the long-term repercussions he faced. The lesson learned was clear - shortcuts and deceitful practices may provide temporary relief, but ultimately, honesty and integrity prevail in the world of business.


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