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Customs Manager's Import Guide: 15 Questions To Import Success in (almost) Any Country

Answer these 15 questions and get into almost any country in the world with our complete import guide.

Overview of the 15 questions every importer needs to answer

We have detailed in question with more explanations.

  • Question 1: Is this process right for you?

  • Question 2: How shall I get ready to import?

  • Question 3: How can I check the business sending you the good can be exported?

  • Question 4: Who will make customs declarations?

  • Question 5: Who will transport the goods?

  • Question 6: What are the commodity codes for my goods

  • Question 7: How can I work out the value of my goods?

  • Question 8: How can I reduce or delay customs duty?

  • Question 9: How can I check if I need a licence or certificate for my goods?

  • Question 10: Have I checked the labelling, marking and marketing rules?

  • Question 11: How do I get your goods through customs

  • Question 12: Can I claim a VAT refund and if so how?

  • Question 13: If you paid the wrong amount of duty or rejected the goods – what shall I do?

  • Question 14: How long do I need to keep invoices and records?

  • Question 15: Who do I reach out to if things go wrong or if I have a further question?

Find an answer to all of these questions and you are on your way to making successful importations into the UK.

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