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Iron & Steel: Mill Certificate - What is it and how can I get one?

The Mill Certificate can be used to comply with sanctions regulations. We explain what it is and how you can get one.

What is a Mill Certificate?

A mill certificate is a quality assurance certification used in the metals industry to quantify the chemical and physical properties of a material. It verifies that a metal product (such as one made of brass, aluminium, steel, titanium, or another alloy) satisfies the order's specifications. They provide crucial information on a variety of topics, including the origin, composition, mechanical properties, and chemical analysis of materials. Mill Certificates provide stakeholders the knowledge they need to control risks, make wise decisions, and maintain high standards of quality.

Who issues a Mill Certificate?

Before the items are sent out of the facility, the producer typically provides the material test report, also known as the mill test report/certificate. However, depending on certain criteria, a third-party quality inspection organisation could sometimes release the report.

What information is on a Mill Certificate?

Essential details including the material's manufacturer, weight, size, and grade (e.g., ASTM A106 Gr 60, ASTM A1003, Grade 33, etc.) should be included. Also:

  • Thermal material number

  • Thickness of coating

  • Test results for chemical composition analysis

  • Results of mechanical tests

The amount of properties indicated above is considered to be the minimum. More is possible.

Throughout the whole process of obtaining import clearance, the information that is provided on the Mill Test Certificate belongs to the importer. Please be aware that during an inquiry, customs may ask for more information, such as the date or dates of the transit, so please prepare yourself for this possibility. Contact the Customs Manager's experts to help you implement these changes.

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