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UK-North Macedonia Free Trade Agreement: How to leverage zero duty trade

(S,P) The UK has signed a Partnership, Trade and Cooperation Agreement with North Macedonia. How can business benefit? + Rules of Origin

The UK has signed a Partnership, Trade and Cooperation Agreement with North Macedonia, the UK’s largest trading partner in the Western Balkans.

The preferential terms secured by this Agreement will enable British businesses to continue to benefit from the EU trading terms with North Macedonia, including the tariff-free trade of industrial products.

Trade between the UK and North Macedonia was worth £1.8 billion in 2019. Top UK exports to North Macedonia last year were non-ferrous metals (£1.1 billion), inorganic chemicals (£77 million) and textiles (£4 million). Meanwhile, top imports to the UK from North Macedonia were metal ores & scrap (£49m), clothing (£16m) and furniture (£13 million).

Check that your goods meet the rules of origin

You’ll need to check your goods can be treated as originating in the country you’re importing from before you can claim a preferential rate of duty.

As trade agreements can change, you’ll need to make sure your goods meet the relevant rules of origin every time you claim a tariff preference. There are different rules of origin depending on the country.

Also, if the part of materials making up your products (or the suppliers providing or manufacturers making them) change, this can affect the country they are treated as originating from.

UK-N Macedonia FTA
Download PDF • 965KB

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