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Northern Ireland: When TSS is not working for you, use US. We'll sort NI trade for YOU :-)

Businesses sending goods between NI and GB Northern Ireland can simplify trade by using our customs support and declaration service. We deal with the TSS for you!

The EU-UK Northern Ireland Protocol came into force, which avoided a hard border with Ireland and therefore requires some new administrative processes. There are no customs controls on either side of the Irish Sea.


The Trader Support Service provides extensive support to businesses engaging in new processes under the NI Protocol. It is a free service, available to all traders moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and importing goods into Northern Ireland from the Rest of the World.

Flow 1 GB ⇾ NI: How will it work?

Goods moved from Great Britain to Northern Ireland are subject to customs declarations, and may be subject to rebatable duties if ‘at risk’. Customs declarations and safety and security declarations need to be lodged to goods sent from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. Tariffs may need to be paid on goods deemed ‘at risk’ of moving to Ireland and the EU. Food and agricultural products and all goods classified as sanitary and phytosanitary) will be subject to health certification and specified processes.

Flow 2 NI⇾GB: How will it work?

Moving goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain takes place with very little additional process, paperwork or restrictions.

Flow 3: NI⇾IE: How will it work

Trade-in goods between Northern Ireland and Ireland, and between Northern

Ireland and EU Member States continues unaffected, with no change at the border, no new paperwork, no tariffs and no regulatory checks

Flow 4: NI-Non-EU countries

Trading between Northern Ireland and non-EU countries continues like before.

How does TSS service work?

The free to use Trader Support Service supports businesses with the changes to Northern Ireland trade in the following way:

  • Build and share information on the changes and businesses’ options

  • Provide training to help you and your employees understand and prepare for the changes

  • Support all traders moving goods between GB and NI, particularly those with less trade experience

  • Build a digital-first service to support declarations

  • Operate a contact centre staffed by trade experts

More information

Northern Ireland - Ireland Protocol

Download • 217KB

TSS Declaration Process Explained

TSS declarations process 15-12-20
Download PDF • 672KB

Slides from TSS Event - Presentation

TSS Event - Presentation Slides
Download PDF • 1.23MB
2020 - Sep - TSS
Download PDF • 1.38MB

Press Notice

NAT XX 20 Support service for Northern I
Download • 138KB


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