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Our Customs & Global Trade Summer School 2022 Programme

This July and August, import and export professionals, as well as anyone with responsibility for dealing with moving products across borders, may take advantage of a special customs and global trade training programme developed by Customs Manager Ltd.

With over 20 years of expertise in customs and international commerce, our instructors not only provide participants with the "theoretical," but also provide them tools they can apply in their own jobs and businesses.

This summer programme provides participants with the opportunity to attend weekly training sessions focused on improving export and import performance and customs compliance.

This comprehensive eight-week course on customs and international commerce will cover all of the key aspects of customs compliance.

Your tutor is Arne Mielken, one of the most exciting and engaging tutors worldwide, known for his engaging and passionate style of delivery. Whenever he speaks, the audience listens: "It is the only time throughout the day I put my phone away and actually listened"

Arne is a certified adult educators and consultants who convert their everyday experiences in international commerce and customs into courses that are applicable to the actual world of international business. Customs Manager's staff enjoys keeping up with the rapidly developing field of customs and international commerce.

Our summer programme is now available in a digital version that allows you to study from the comfort of your own home or office. In addition to providing adequate opportunities for participants to ask questions and interact with trainers, we also assign homework and quizzes after each lecture to be completed the following week.

Customs Manager Ltd is certified to award Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for both external and internal training sessions, and we are proud to allocate this to our training here.

This programme can be studied at any level and does not require prior knowledge.

Here is the programme we have prepared for you:

All lectures are 90 minutes (1 Hour Tutor Based Lecture and 30 Minutes practical exercises).

All lectures start at 10am and last until 11.30am. They take place every Monday.

11 July: Welcome Event. Topic: Import, Export, and Transit - A refresher

This fun and the educational introductory session will familiarise you with the language and customs of international trade and, through a variety of engaging activities, will provide insight into the processes involved in bringing and selling commodities throughout the globe.

+ Import or Export or Transit Excercise


18 July Customs Classification

Customs classification is a complicated topic, and this session is a great way to learn more about it. The history of the tariff, the organisation of tariffs, and the logic behind commodity coding are all covered. The fundamentals of the commodities code system may be mastered in a single session with the proper guidance

+ Customs classification exercise.


25 July: Customs Valuation

A deep dive into customs valuation rules.

+ Customs valuation exercise.


1 August: Rules of Origin

This session is great to get insight into the nuanced issues surrounding country of origin laws and how they vary throughout FTAs. This session is essential whether you're a buyer (you save money) or a seller (you provide a discount to the customer without incurring a loss). Businesses need a firm grasp of this topic since the conditions of commerce with the countries where is Free Trade Agreement is in place means that there are some serious duty-saving opportunities.

+ Origin Exercise


8 August Customs Reliefs

A comprehensive analysis of the customs processes available. Customs compliance inside businesses and the capacity to show an awareness of customs processes have taken on increased significance since costs of raw materials are on the rise. This session provides an overview of the duty relief processes available to exporters and importers and covers the key topics of customs compliance.

+ Customs reliefs exercise


15 August AEO

This session guides you through the fundamentals of AEO requirements, as well as what is needed to complete the sections on Customs and Safety & Security of the AEO Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), an import qualification for any business seeking AEO status, establishing AEO compliance, or refreshing existing approvals.

+ AEO exercise


22 August Incoterms

Understanding the ICC Incoterms® 2020 Rules can help businesses avoid the increased risk and expense associated with international trade. Businesses may save time and money by using ICC's unique international trade terms and resources to avoid common pitfalls. Let's go through them all.

+ Incoterms Exercise


29 August Closing Ceremony + Exam + Surprise Inspiring Guest Speaker

Please contact us for pricing and how to register. If you are a paid subscriber, you will benefit from a fee reduction of up to 100% (Gold members).

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