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Our Customs & Global Trade Summer School 2024 Programme (Training)

This July and August, import and export professionalsand anyone responsible for moving products across borders may take advantage of a unique custom and global trade training programme developed by Customs Manager Ltd.


The Summer School for Customs offers comprehensive virtual training and knowledge enhancement for professionals in customs and trade-related fields. Each two-hour session combines expert-led presentations, interactive discussions, and practical homework assignments to reinforce learning and application.


Participants engage in intimate and interactive group activities and discussions facilitated by experienced customs experts. Between sessions, homework assignments allow for the practical application of concepts learned. Sessions are conducted via virtual platforms, ensuring accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection.


1. Import Procedures and Compliance (July 1st)

- Understanding import regulations and compliance measures

- Documentation requirements and customs valuation methods

- Managing import challenges through case studies

2. Export Procedures and Documentation (July 15th)

- Exploring export procedures and export documentation

- Export licensing procedures and compliance requirements

- Ensuring efficient export transactions and compliance with export laws

3. Customs Declarations and Tariff Classification (July 29th)

- Practical guidance on completing accurate customs declarations

- Understanding tariff classification principles and HS codes

- Resolving classification disputes and optimizing tariff classification

4. Rules of Origin and Preferential Trade Agreements (August 12th)

- Understanding rules of origin criteria and origin documentation

- Leveraging preferential trade agreements for duty savings

- Managing origin verification processes and compliance challenges

5. Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Status (August 26th)

- Exploring the benefits of AEO status and eligibility criteria

- AEO application process and practical insights on preparation

- Maintaining AEO status and compliance requirements

6. Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing (September 9th)

- Overview of customs valuation methods and transfer pricing implications

- Understanding transaction value, deductive value, and identical goods

- Strategies for compliance and optimizing customs valuation

Certificate of Completion

Participants who attend all sessions and complete assigned homework will receive a Certificate of Completion recognising their commitment to advancing their customs knowledge and skills.

Pricing (GBP exclusive of VAT)

  • £999 for general participants

  • £799 for Customs Manager INFO members

  • £599 for Customs Manager INFO Premium members, PTF members and Current Clients

To Book and Learn More

Enrol now to enhance your customs knowledge and advance your career!

Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice, a minimum of 5 participants.

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