US-UK FTA, ICS 2 launch date and Brexit NI technical update - What's in the PLM this week

4 May 2020 - 10 May 2020

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US-UK launches trade negotiations The USTR announced the formal launch of trade negotiations between the US and the United Kingdom. Both parties agree that a free trade agreement would contribute to the long-term health of our economies. The objective in these talks is to grow this economic relationship even closer and for an agreement that has high standards in the digital and other services sectors, that will eliminate barriers to trade and that will incorporate best practices in all sectors. Total two-way trade between the two countries is already worth about $269 billion a year

On 15 March 2021 the EU will launch its second phase of the new EU customs pre-arrival security and safety programme, ICS2 (Import Control System 2. ICS2 will collect data about all goods entering the EU before their arrival. Economic operators will have to declare safety and security data to ICS2, through a so-called Entry Summary Declaration. Additionally, all economic operators involved in handling, shipping, and transporting of cargo, express or postal consignments will be affected by ICS2, and need to start getting ready for it. If not ready in time and the necessary data has not been submitted to ICS2, consignments and cargo will be stopped at EU customs borders, and customs will not proceed with goods clearance. Further, the poor-quality declarations will either be rejected or subject to unnecessary interventions and may result in sanctions for non-compliance. Subscribe to ADVANCED PLM and get more details and links for direct access to the legislation.

Brexit: EU publishes technical note on the implementation of the Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland 08/05/2020 The EU and the UK have committed to make operational, by 31 December, the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement, which is key to ensuring peace and stability in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The EU has published a technical note urging the UK to make progress and present “dedicated mechanisms”, especially as regards customs, movement of goods and product controls.

Brexit: Third round of negotiations starts next week

08/05/2020 The next round of intensive trade negotiations will take place next week and cover everything from trade in goods to Ireland to fisheries.

The Guide to Brexit negotiations in 2020 (ADVANCED or PRO subscription required)

Other customs, global trade and export control changes covered in this edition (Advanced and Pro version contain direct links to the legislation)

• Temporary reduction in certain registration fees due to COVID-19 • Prohibited Test Kits Seized by Chicago and Rochester CBP • Filing Entries of Hand Sanitizers for FDA • EU proposes postponement of taxation rules due to Coronavirus crisis • Non-essential travel restriction to the EU until 15 June • USTR on the extension of Chinese product exclusions under Section 301 • USTR announces GSP 2020 product review • US notifies full compliance in WTO aircraft dispute against the EU • GUIDANCE: Section 301 Twelfth Round of Product Exclusions from China • Initiation of ADD/CVD Investigations: Steel Wire Strand, Mult. Countries • US notifies full compliance in WTO aircraft dispute against the EU • CROSS Update • US initiates section 232 investigation into mobile crane imports • US Customs Bulletin and Decisions • The USDA Agriculture Marketing Service IG has been Updated • FDA Document Submission During COVID-19 Pandemic • NCSD May 2020 Webinars • ACE to Begin Sending Warning Error Messages to Trade for EPA VNE Errors • EU announces the deployment of Import Control System Phase 2 • Changes in the classification of ‘control panel of car radio’ • ADD re-imposed on imports of steel fasteners from China and Malaysia • Changes in the classification of ‘control panel of car radio’ • Name change of company under current CVD measures • EU fixes the import duties for cereals sector applicable from 5 May 2020 • EU tightens the border controls on certain food and feeds items from third countries • EU Commission published the 38th annual report on trade defence • US-UK launches trade negotiations • USTR and treasury statement on call with China • EU revises the list of materials from South Africa that cannot enter duty-free • Brexit: EU publishes technical note on Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland • Why Northern Ireland is the Big Brexit Winner • How the Northern Ireland Brexit solution will work as regards goods & customs • Brexit: Third round of negotiations starts next week • The Guide to Brexit negotiations in 2020 • Online Training: UK-EU Post Brexit Preparedness • UK Exit: Brexit? Who cares about this now? Here is why you still should • UK Exit: What customs & global trade rules apply from 1 Feb 2020? • Brexit: Third Round of Brexit negotiations • Settlement Agreement between OFAC and BIOMIN America, Inc. • Commission steps up fight against money laundering and terrorist financing • Germany’s BAFA provides an update • US congress supports the extension of UN arms embargo on Iran • OFAC designates IRGC-Qods force front company and owner • OFAC’s Actions this week • Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List Administrative Updates • EU amends restrictive measures against Nicaragua • WCO receives access to INTERPOL’s iARMS database • HMRC announces new directors general for borders and trade • Colombia becomes 37th member of the OECD

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