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SIITACE: Why should you get an INDEPENDENT Adviser for Customs & Global Trade?

(FREE) SIITACE is the Society of Independent International Trade And Customs Experts. Find out why the word INDEPENDENT matters so much when getting expert advice and education.

Arne Mielken, MD of Customs Manager Ltd caught up with Mike Wilson, the CEO of Go Exporting in a sit-down and tell all videos to discuss:

  • What is the new trade association SIITACE?

  • Why is independent customs and global trade advice so important?

Customs Manager and Go Exporting are proud to be a founding member of the Society of Independent International Trade And Customs Experts (SIITACE). We caught up with Mike Wilson, the CEO of to discuss why being independent matters so much.

Why Independence matters in Customs & Global Trade Advice

Do you remember heading that from a family member or friend? "Be more independent - it's good for you!". Sometimes we forget that being independent is not a bad thing and actually being independent can be beneficial in business and in personal life, too.

From a personal point of view, we know why being independent is so important. We all know that it can:

  1. reduce stress, by relying mostly on no.1 and that is you.

  2. improve self-belief. Independence can be seriously good for your self-esteem.

  3. be self-motivating. If you want to achieve a goal, do it for yourself. Each and every success should make you proud of yourself!

  4. help you find your passion. Being independent gives you the chance to find what makes you happy.

  5. broaden your horizon. This way, you don't miss out on the opportunity or life experience.

Why SIITACE is different

What sets us apart from other Organisations or Institutes, is that SIITACE groups the voice of Independent International Trade and Customs specialists, dedicated and committed to your business's success in international markets and with "foreign" products coming into yours.

Best Practice and Advice

Our Society is will only offer ‘best practice’ support based on leading, successful methodologies.

Influence the Direction of Customs & Global Trade

"We need a fresh, independent body that will influence the direction of customs and international trade. We will support private sector advisors and offer constructive feedback and guidance to the government and public sector agencies. It is a win-win proposition, and I am proud to be a founding member, representing the customs arm of the organisation," Arne Mielken, Founder of Customs Manager Ltd, said

Unique feature: Freedom to offer impartial support and advice

As a non-public sector organisation, we are not tasked to achieve government targets. Consequently, we have the freedom to offer impartial support and advice to our members and the wider international trade sectors.

"Let's show the world what's out there apart from Government-backed support. There is a lot of expertise out there, and we are passionate about international business. To throw yourself into the market and be independent is different to having a regular job. We can give the best, independent advice possible, regardless of what the official message of the day is". Mike Wilson of Go Exporting said.

Join us for an insightful talk over two weeks. To find out more about Go Exporting, visit

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