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Four courses globally trading companies need to take now - Arne and Lesley discuss

(FREE) Watch Arne and Lesley discuss the need for companies to train on SPS, Origin, Tariff codes and the new UK CDS system.

SPS Licences are becoming mandatory from 1 July 2021 onwards for food and drink imports from the EU to Great Britain.

We offer expert let workshops and training on SPS measures, IPAFFS, Traces and Export Health Certificates to get businesses ready for the new rules.

Linked to the training on SPS is a deeper understanding of customs rules, in particular on Rules of Origin and Tariff Classification.

Later this year, the new CDS rules are coming into force, replacing the old CHIEF customs filing system.

Customs Manager Ltd and Export Bootcamps offer four individual courses to upskill businesses and help them overcome the difficulties of trading globally.

All four courses are linked, so please contact to get booked on all four and receive a nice discount while doing it. Find out more at

Book all courses here:

Learn about SPS, Rules of Origin, Tariffs and CDS on our Expert Blog

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