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Starter Plan: Getting the Most Out of Customs Manager

(S) The Starter Paid Plan is ideal for SMEs and Individuals with an interest in C&GT. It's many support perks and low-cost fee structure makes it essential for everyone with a stake in global trade and customs.


A massive THANK YOU for joining our community of Customs Geeks, Global Trade Professionals and interested and like-minded people.

It is my pleasure and privilege to work with you on the STARTER Plan.


We are excited to have you with us and I hope you will make great use of the information provided.

We have now opened the STARTER Paid Plan for you today, so you can use all the benefits.

To watch a short video on what the STARTER Plan is all about, see here:

To find out what perks are included, see here:

Expert Blog (FREE + S)

We have unlocked the Expert Blog, which is updated every week. All the blog entries that are either FREE or marked with (S = STARTER) are open to reading, some 3/4 quarters or 400+ articles are ready for you to explore. Where relevant and possible, we have thrown in a videocast as well, so you can watch it, too.

The expert blog can be accessed here: Browse categories, and use the search function to look for particular words. If you cannot find what you are looking for, reach out.

Helpline for Signposting (Unlimited questions, 72h answer Turnaround)

Your plan also comes with a helpline answered by a professional customs manager, so use the chat to ask any question on We have a 72-hour answer window and the reply will be high-level signposting. There are unlimited questions and unlimited (but fair) use.

Finally, please allow me to some top tips on how to make the most out of your new Plan:


  1. Make sure our messages do not get filtered to Spam or elsewhere you cannot see them or overlook them.

  2. Read the Customs & Global Trade update in the weekly mailing and engage with it. LOOK OUT FOR IT IN YOUR INBOX. Invite your colleagues/partners to sign up to the mailing list on

  3. Bookmark the legislative update blog and visit it at least once a week:

  4. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to never miss an update: Put a question or comments on the video, like and share it with others, as appropriate.

  5. Reserve 15-20 minutes every week to read through the Expert Blogs that interest you.

  6. Ask questions using the Chat function on (for paid plan subscribers)

  7. Make sure you join the C&GT bi-annual briefings (lookout for additional sessions exclusively for paid plan subscribers)

  8. Check out all the content of the support hub (for paid plan subscribers)

  9. Engage with us on social media, join and share our Linked In account: and follow us on Twitter at @customsmanager

  10. Book a free 30-minute consultancy. We will be with you for a catch-up or a friendly chat about any customs or global trade matter and we can get to know each other much better. Simply book a convenient time and date at -> Free Consultation

We hope you have a great time with Customs Manager, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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