The consequences of the economic Brexit: Customs Experts Michael Lux and Arne Mielken discuss

EXCLUSIVE: A conversation between former DG TAXUD Director Michael Lux and Customs Expert Arne Mielken on the consequences of the economic Brexit from 2021

On 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom (UK) will no longer apply the European Union's Customs Code regulation and formally leave the Single Market. Customs Expert Arne Mielken met the former Head of Unit for Customs Legislation of the European Commission's DG TAXUD, Michael Lux and discussed the impact of the economic Brexit. All the important questions came on the table. What does Brexit mean from a customs point of view? Will the Free Trade Agreement help? What about the trade with Northern Ireland? Watch this interview to hear from one of the undisputed experts in customs and "father of the Union Customs Code", Michael Lux.

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