The Regional Convention on pan-Euro-Mediterranean preferential rules of origin

The Regional Convention on pan-Euro-Mediterranean preferential rules of origin entered into force in the Union on 1 May 2012.

Cumulation of origin

The pan-Euro-Mediterranean system of cumulation of origin allows for the application of diagonal cumulation between the

26 Contracting Parties to the Convention (1 Jan 2020)

  1. the EU

  2. Iceland

  3. Liechtenstein

  4. Norway

  5. Switzerland

  6. Algeria

  7. Egypt

  8. Israel

  9. Jordan

  10. Lebanon

  11. Morocco

  12. Palestine

  13. Syria

  14. Tunisia

  15. Turkey

  16. Albania

  17. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  18. Croatia (now an EU Member State)

  19. North Macedonia

  20. Montenegro

  21. Serbia

  22. Kosovo

  23. the Faroe Islands

  24. Moldova

  25. Georgia

  26. Ukraine.

These parties can also be summarised by the following groupings:

  1. the European Union;

  2. the EFTA States

  3. Denmark in respect of the Faroe Islands;

  4. the participants in the Barcelona Process

  5. the participants in the European Union’s Stabilisation and Association Process (except Croatia)

  6. Moldova;

  7. Georgia;

  8. Ukraine.

Modernised and flexible Rules of Origin

The Convention envisages that the rules of origin will need to be amended in order to better respond to the economic reality and establishes procedures for the adoption of amendments. Amendments to the Convention are to be adopted by unanimous decision of the Joint Committee established by the Convention.

The process of amending the Convention started in 2012 and resulted in a new set of modernised and more flexible rules of origin, similar to

  1. Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

  2. Free Trade Agreement between the EU & Viet Nam,

  3. Agreement between the EU & Japan for an Economic Partnership 

  4. the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU & SADC EPA States,

  5. The EU's generalised tariff preferences


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