UK OGEL for export controls goods with the EU after Brexit

Exporters have to register for the open general export licence (OGEL) EU Exit in preparation for the end of the transition period

This OGEL will be required if you are exporting dual-use items in Annex 1 of EU Regulation 428/2009 to any EU member state from 1 January 2021. This licence also covers exports to the Channel Islands. For those who have not seen the OGEL – or are yet to register – you are advised to make your registration on SPIRE (the online exporting licencing system) as part of your business preparedness plans.

Exporters who may not previously have needed a licence to export may now need one.

What you need to do

As a reminder, exporters with an interest in various sectors should check to see if your items are on the dual-use control list by using the Goods Checker Tool. You can also use the Control List Classification Service on the online licensing system.

Sectors of interest are:

  • nuclear materials and processing equipment

  • materials processing – machine tools

  • electronics

  • computers – specific parameters

  • telecommunications

  • information security including cyber and crypto

  • sensors and lasers including imaging equipment and radars

  • navigation and avionics

  • marine

  • aerospace and propulsion

Controls cover all areas of production of the controlled items:

  • systems, equipment and components

  • test inspection and production equipment

  • materials

  • software

  • technology

Apply for the new licence

If your goods software or technology are controlled, register for the open general export licence Export of dual-use items to EU Member States now on SPIRE.

It’s a one-off registration, and will provide you with an export licence which will enable multiple shipments of these controlled items to any EU member state. There is no charge for the licence and it doesn’t have an expiry date. There are terms and conditions to use and you will be audited on its use by our team of compliance officers.

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