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WCO HS - Classification Decisions

The WCO has made decisions as regards the customs classification of certain products. Get the latest.

The Harmonized System Committee has made decisions about how to classify certain products. Those that are not subject to a reservation are on the list below, along with the Harmonized System code numbers and, in some cases, the reasons for the classification.

Businesses that want to import or export goods that are covered by a decision should check to see if the country doing the importing or exporting is following the decision.

Classification Decision - HS Committee 68

There were 27 classification decisions:

Classification Decisions – HS Committee 68th Session
Download PDF • 330KB

1. Mango and pineapple spread

2. Soya bean flakes, defatted

3. Single-use Oral Nicotine Pouches

4. Nasal snuff

5. Inhaler, with 10 mg nicotine per cartridge

6. Nicotine packs

7. Essential Oil Diffusers (Nicotine and Tobacco Free)

8. Single-use oral nicotine pouches

(Tobacco Free)

9. Hair and skin product for children,

10. Hair and skin product, packaged in 250

ml bottles

11. Shampoo, gel and bath foam

12. Derivatives of Isothiazolinones

13. Plastic clothes hangers (standard)

14. Plastic clothes hangers (specialized),

15. Mat with rounded corners

16. Pickets and stakes

17. Squared pickets and stakes,

18. Quilt Bag

19. Heat-resistant glass lids

20. Digital pen or smartpen,

21. Projector

22. Projector, designed to be used in bright

environments such as lecture rooms and

large conference rooms.

23. Projector, designed to be used in meeting

rooms and classrooms.

24. Projector, designed to be used in any

time of the day and for multiple purposes,

including professional use - from business

meetings rooms to classrooms.

25. Projector, designed to be used in small

meeting rooms and classrooms.

26. Projector, designed to be used in

meeting rooms and classrooms.

27. A TFT-LCD module

Classification Decision - HS Committee 69

Classification Decisions HS Committee 69
Download PDF • 280KB

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