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The 8 most important forms for your export business

Practical help for completing them correctly

Resources and Tips: News

The practical guide "The 8 most important forms for your export business - practical help for completing them correctly" is an excellent working basis.
However, your position also requires that YOU are constantly informed about all changes in customs and export laws.

We therefore also inform you about current changes that are relevant to your daily challenges, as well as upcoming opportunities and risks, with our monthly information service "Customs + foreign trade news - the indispensable advisor for smooth export processing".

Wherever your trading venues are. For example, you can find out:

Recommendations for action for the concrete processing of export transactions
Avoid mistakes in export: protection against financial penalties or losses
Make optimal use of all customs and preferential regulations and save costs
Step-by-step instructions and templates for dealing with systems and documents
Examples from export practice make it easy for you to immediately apply the knowledge you have gained to your situation and your tasks
Tips and tricks to secure your business economically

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