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IPAFFS, TRACES, PEACH and Export Health Certificates

With more and more reports of red tape, many agri-food exporters are concerned that the new rules are just too tough to keep trading. From export health certificates to visits by the VET, from IT-systems IPAFFS to TRACES, to “simple” customs clearance, managing the Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) controls is very challenging.

Your trainer has worked with the agri-food industry for over 15 years. They will get participants upskilled on the SPS border procedures.


So, let's learn how to identify the right SPS export health certificate, get to grips on how to correctly complete them. Get a step-by-step guide on border clearance to make sure your truck won’t get turned around or food destroyed.




  • What are SPS measures and how are they regulated?

  • The WTO Veterinary Agreement

  • The SPS measures in the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreements

  • Key terms you need to know: From POAO, ABP to IPAFFS to PEACH

  • TRACES - What is it? How does it work and what do businesses need to do?

  • IPAFFS - What is it? How does it work and what do businesses need to do?

  • Export Health Certificates in the EU and the United Kingdom - How do they look, which one to select and how / who to complete?

  • What is the role of the certifying officer / veterinary officer?

  • Plant trade with the EU and the UK

  • Food and POAO trade explained

We will analyse up to four flows, tailored to the needs to the audience:


1. European Union

⇾ Great Britain:

Preparing to export live animals, animal products, food, feed and plants out of the EU. 

2. Importing SPS goods into GB: Requirements, processes and procedures - GB Health Certificates, where to find and how do they look?


3. Great Britain ⇾ European Union:

- Preparing to export live animals, animal products, food, feed and plants out of Great Britain. 

4. Importing SPS goods into the EU: Requirements, processes and procedures. - EU Health Certificates, where to find and how do they look?

Introduction to TRACES.

Who Should Attend?

  •  Agri-Food producers, Farmers

  • Retailers, Supermarkets

  • Food, feed and animal transport operators

  • Veterinary Officers

  •  Exporters and Importers of feed & food as well as live animals and plants to the UK or the EU

  • Freight Forwarders, Brokers, Customs Agents

  • Staff in the following departments: Sales, Procurement, Finance, Legal, Customer Service

  • Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants advising clients in the agri-food industry

What You Will Get

A 1/2 day with an experienced customs & global trade trainer and consultant
• The ability to ask all your questions
• Full slide pack
• Certificate of Competition

Dates & Times 

These trainings on a regular basis. FInd the next online training here

Other Information

This training is suitable for staff with no prior knowledge of customs procedures and
processes or the UK-EU TCA. A robust internet connection and the ability to connect to
video online conferencing will be required.


The costs of this training indicated at the booking page

Online Training 
All courses are delivered virtually using Zoom.

Live Training conditions

Minimal participation numbers required to run
public courses. Please enquire. To guarantee a spot, become a Premium Support Plan subscriber (Minimal participation limit waived)

Other formats
Besides the public training format, this training is also available as a company-specific in house
training and on-demand and can be studied from the comfort of your home at your
own pace, time and any device. View here


Services we offer

EHC Support Service

We file IPAFFS notifications for you and help you understand you and your suppliers and clients understand EHC obligations.

Please get in touch.


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