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About Us

We are a customs, export control and sanctions content curation company which provides expert-curated updates and insights to customs, export control & sanctions professionals worldwide.

Hi! Nice to Meet You

Welcome to  the Trade Intelligence Arm of Customs Manager Ltd, where staying updated on the ever-changing landscape of customs, export controls, and sanctions is made simple and efficient. Our company is led by Arne Mielken, a seasoned customs manager with over 20 years of experience in the field.

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Our Vision

For many years, Arne faced the challenge of constantly monitoring new legislation and updates, continually fearing the risk of missing something important. He wished for a service that could keep him up-to-date without requiring exhaustive research.

Realising that thousands of professionals were duplicating the same work weekly, Arne envisioned a solution: a dedicated team focused on gathering and disseminating these updates professionally and efficiently.

Our Mission

This vision led to the creation of Customs Manager Ltd's trade intelligence arm. We specialise in producing professionally researched and curated content for global trade managers, customs managers, export control and sanctions managers, trade associations, consultants, lawyers, and software houses. We aim to enhance compliance, mitigate risk, and save time for businesses worldwide.

Stay Informed

So today, with our Trade Intelligence Service, you can stay up-to-date with the latest customs and global trade news and policy updates from the EU and the UK by default, or from around the world upon request. Our team of experts monitors laws and regulations across jurisdictions to bring you the most relevant and important information every week. Our website is the must-go place for all customs and global trade professionals who need to stay informed.

For Whom

Our services are tailored for a wide range of professionals and organizations, including global trade managers, customs managers, export control and sanctions managers, trade associations, consultants, advisory firms, lawyers, and software houses. If you are responsible for import and export activities, compliance, or need to stay updated on the latest regulations, our content is designed for you.

Our Publications

We offer comprehensive weekly updates, published in PDF and online formats, covering all relevant laws, policies, and guidance updates from the European Union and the UK. Our flagship publications, "The Customs Watch" and "The Export Control & Sanctions Watch," are designed to keep our members thoroughly informed and compliant.

Membership Plans

Our membership plans include:

  • Standard Plan: Free of charge with restricted access to our magazines and knowledge hub. To join, complete a short survey and set up an account on We will then send you our updates to your inbox.  Many start with the standard plan to test the service.

  • Premium Plan:  Subsequently. many standard members upgrade to a Premium plan for a small fee, which you will quickly recover many times over. The Premium plan unlocks full access to our flagship magazines, the ever-evolving knowledge hub, and offers discounts on our additional services, preferential consultancy and advice rates, and preferential customs clearance and training rates.

Why Choose Us?

We provide in-depth analysis, commentary, and insights on the latest developments in customs and global trade. Our team of experts cuts through the noise to bring you the information that matters most.

White-Label Service

We also offer a white-labelled version of our updates for trade associations, customs software houses, or advisors who wish to use our content for their clients. Please get in touch to learn more about this customizable service.

Get Started

Getting started is easy. Simply leave us your email to begin receiving our updates and take the first step towards staying ahead in the world of customs and global trade.

Contact Us

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you stay ahead of the curve. e-mail us at and experience the benefits of staying informed with ease and confidence.

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