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Challenge: Can you classify an electronic face cleaner?

Businesses need to understand the customs classification rules to correctly classify their products for importing and exporting. Can you solve this customs classification challenge?

The Challenge

You are importing the following product into the EU

  • A portable hand-held electromechanical appliance for personal skincare.

  • The appliance is oval-shaped and measures approximately 75 × 80 × 30 mm.

  • It has a waterproof housing and a built-in electric motor producing vibrations (so-called sonic pulsations).

  • The outer surface of the appliance is made of silicone, with hypoallergenic silicone brushes on both sides.

  • The surface of the appliance is divided into three zones, each with a different thickness of brushes.

  • On the front side of the appliance, there is an on/off button and a button to increase/decrease the intensity of pulsation.

  • The appliance is designed to be used for cleansing the skin on the face with a cleanser and vibrating brushes.

  • When cleansing the skin, a facial massage occurs as an additional effect due to the pulsations.

  • The appliance is of the kind commonly used for domestic purposes when travelling etc.

What is the eight-digit commodity code when importing into the EU?

For the solution, check out this blog entry

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