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CustomsManager.INFO: Launch of Trade Intelligence Update next Monday - 4 September

Ahead of our launch on, we explore how this web-based info service can help you stay ahead with all EU,UK and US customs and global trade changes


I Introduction

II Why You Must Stay Always Up To Date

III The problems of non-compliance due to not monitoring laws and regulations

IV How Customs Manager INFO can help you + no-cost steps you can take right now to stay updated

V Conclusion

I Introduction


  • There is an urgent need to keep up with changes in customs and international trade legislation from the perspective of customs professionals, their advisors or those with import/export responsibility.

  • Customs Manager. INFO is the new must-visit web portal which brings together all key updates, guides, and advice for customs practitioners and their advisors, import, and export agents and businesses.

  • Carefully curated and written by customs experts and professionals, these updates occur frequently throughout the week and a low subscription fee allows you to access all exclusive content.

  • You can try before you buy: There is a free trial - up to 30 days for free access to all exclusive content.

  • Head over to right now and sign up for free updates to never miss an important notification.

What this blog is all about

In this blog entry, we explore what steps you can take to get started with and why it matters to stay up-to-date.

II Why You Must Stay Always Up To Date

Why you or your clients must pay attention to Customs and trade changes!

International commerce and customs-related legal difficulties may be challenging to handle. In addition, it varies often, potentially every day. Customs and international trade regulation professionals, including importers, exporters, consultants, auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, customs agents, software content providers, banks, and other financial institutions, must stay current on changes in these industries. One of your responsibilities is to be up-to-date on the most recent customs and trade legislation in your country of establishment and in any foreign nation where you do business. Recent events of importance have made this a reality.

Customs and International Trade Law Developments: Why They Must Be Tracked

Due to the ever-evolving nature of international trade rules, it is crucial to keep up with developments in customs and global trade law. Those that do not need to be ready to deal with the unforeseen costs that might result from this. Lost productivity and time spent on compliance concerns and penalties levied by regulatory organisations are all expenses linked with unanticipated customs and global trade law changes. These businesses also run the risk of losing consumers if their supplies are delayed or if the legislation undergoes any other unexpected changes. That's why it's crucial to always be on the lookout for any new rules that can affect your company, so you can prepare for them in advance.

When and why do laws pertaining to customs and global trade undergo revision?

Consider the United States as an example. To guarantee a seamless transaction with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, you must comprehend the complexities of CBP rules and stay abreast of any changes. Changes in international business law and standards may be influenced by a multitude of parties. CBP, USITC, USDA-AMS, and USTR are examples of government agencies that are able to modify rules, guidelines, and best practices at any moment, often with extensive notice. How do you keep current? Do you daily review the Federal Register? Do you visit every day the websites of government offices and departments? If so, how long does this process take? Does it consume your time and the ever-growing "To Do" list you're attempting to complete?

Monitoring EU la is equally complex

Customs procedures inside the European Union might be just as challenging for international trade. Each day, the Official Journal is updated to include the most recent Anti-Dumping Duty rulings, reclassification guidelines, and penalty schedules. Furthermore, the EU implements the yearly tariff modification once a year. Additionally, every EU country has its own customs service. For this reason, Germany provides updated local customs regulations and instructions, while Ireland disseminates Revenue notifications. This isn't even the whole story. Modifications will be made to the main EU IT customs system as well as the additional 27 customs IT systems, one for each Member State.

International complexity

Finally, keep in mind that the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Customs Organization (WCO), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and others might serve as launching pads for new legislation.

III The problems of non-compliance due to not monitoring laws and regulations

Noncompliance may have a disastrous effect on a business's bottom line.

In today's global economy, it is necessary to stay up with the ever-changing trade legislation and customs of other countries. Importers and exporters must adhere to an ever-changing set of laws and regulations while doing international commerce.

Frequently, businesses are unprepared for rapid changes in the legislation, which may lead to violations and other problems. Those firms that have not taken the effort to educate their customers about these restrictions risk having their goods and services confiscated for infractions or, even worse, being prohibited from accessing international markets.

IV How Customs Manager INFO can help you

The reality is - often, there is simply no time to monitor law and guidance changes with the care it deserve. So it gets brushed aside. But now can do all the work for you. Customs and international trade restrictions must be monitored by every business operating on a global basis. THIS IS WHAT WE DO - FOR YOU.

We monitor laws, guidance changes and updates for the EU, US and UK routinely and you can ask as to monitor other jurisdictions for you, too - bespoke for your company and white labelled, too.

Here is what you can do at no cost to you whatsoever:

Step 1: Visit and get familiar with the site - browse around.

In particular, visit where you can find all the latest updates we post.

Note the categories, that you can click on:

There are so many categories that you can choose from, organised by

  • type

  • industry

  • geography

  • topic

  • language

TYPE: Free To Read or Paid Exclusives?

For those that cannot or do not want to pay a small, modest fee to support our independent, customs expert content creation, free articles can be read by clicking on the word "free" or accessing this website:

Those that are interested in practical "How To" Guides, analysis and reports, behind a paywall, require a subscription, to access exclusive guides and support materials here:

INDUSTRY: Access Updates Especially for your Industry and Work Sector

If you work in retail, the updates that matter to the retail sector can be found by clicking on RETAIL

If you work in manufacturing, click on the name to see all that matters to you:

and so on.


If you are new to the world of customs and global trade, we have a special category for you: C&GT Novice, supporting your learning and explaining everything in easy language, enabling bite-seized learning.

BY GEOGRAPHY: Country / Region specific updates

If you are interested in a specific region and their customs & global trade updates, then select

  • EU

  • US

  • UK

  • NI (for Northern Ireland)

BY TOPIC: Customs, Export Controls, Free Trade Agreements and so much more

See the long list of topics we cover:

  • Law Update (only actual updates of the law - for the lawyers :-))

  • AEO

  • Imports

  • Exports

  • Customs classification

  • Customs valuation

  • Origin

  • Free Trade Agreements

  • ADD & CVD

  • Sanctions

  • Export Controls

  • Incoterms

and much more.

BY LANGUAGE: We support French, German and Spanish

For German see here: ( In Entwicklung!)

For French see here: (en developpment)

For Spanish - still to come.

Step 2: Sign up for free updates, leaving just your e-mail address.

You will receive new blog notifications and information about the latest updates and changes to laws and guidance of the EU, US and UK.

Step 3: Create an Account. In the top right corner, click on Log In and create your account.

This will make it easier to access all the information and will allow you to manage your subscription.

Step 4: Test a paid plan upgrade

For a free 7 day or 30 day trial with no commitment, unlock all articles and information at once. See here the list of articles behind the paywall: Please support independent customs expertise and join us. We will be very grateful. To discuss any requirements, e-mail Company plans are available, too.

V Conclusion

Customs and global trade laws are constantly changing, with government agencies like US CBP, USITC, USDA-AMS, and USTR influencing these changes. Another area of complication is the maze of customs procedures in the EU or the UK, with each country having its own customs service adding to the complexity. At the same time, non-compliance can have a disastrous effect on a business's bottom line and can lead to confiscation of goods or restrictions on accessing international markets. Businesses must stay up to date with all the changes - and evaluate what matters to them.

Customs is a web-based service that cuts through this nebula of change and allows you to scan quickly what matters to your business. With many blog posts updates on we answer:

  • What happened?

  • What does it mean for my business?

  • What do I need to do if I am concerned?

This way, you know all the essentials quickly and efficiently, without wasting time.

Next, we provide clear guides and advice for customs practitioners, advisors, import/export agents, and businesses on what to do. This enhances compliance and gets you trading faster.

We keep you always up-to-date with changes to EU,UK and US customs and international trade legislation to avoid unforeseen costs, lost productivity, and penalties. The service is curated by experts and offers a free trial for up to 30 days.

Customs Manager INFO offers a solution for businesses to stay updated on trade legislation and customs changes in the EU, US, and UK. The service provides free articles, paid exclusives, and tailored guides for different industries and work sectors.

Businesses can access updates by visiting the site, signing up for free updates, creating an account, or testing a paid plan upgrade. The service covers topics such as customs, export controls, free trade agreements, and more.

So give us a try at


About Customs Manager’s Customs & Global Trade Intelligence Services

The Premium Professional Legislative Monitoring Service (PLM) is a research and curation service which checks for legislative updates from official government websites based on the selected jurisdictions and topics. Paid Plan subscribers can access regular law change notifications to ensure they never miss a significant legal change on – a website dedicated to customs & trade intelligence. At the same time, they save valuable time by engaging our dedicated trade specialists to carry the monitoring out for them. Premium subscribers also unlock all content on the Customs Manager’s Ltd. website, including our Customs & Trade Blog on , providing vital thought leadership development services to empower them to trade effectively, efficiently and, of course, compliantly, across borders. Premium Subscribers can add jurisdictions and topics for an additional charge.

About Customs Manager Ltd.

We aim to empower people with import, export and transport responsibilities with helpful advice, insightful training and relevant trade intelligence services. We devote all our passion and energy to helping businesses grow faster cross-border. Working with us means having your own multilingual Customs Manager on standby to help you trade effectively, efficiently and, of course, compliantly wherever you want to go. Includes Brexit support and the ability to lodge customs declarations + Rules of Origin

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Important Notice

Customs Manager Ltd. owns the copyright in this document, except for external documents and links we refer to or make available.

You are not allowed to use this information in any way that infringes its intellectual property rights. You may have to hold a valid licence to use this information. A licence can be obtained by becoming a Paid Plan subscriber to the Customs Managers’ Customs & Trade Intelligence service, also known as Professional Legislative Monitoring (PLM). As a Paid Plan subscriber, you may download and print this information which you may then use, copy or reproduce for your internal non-profit-making purposes.

However, you are not permitted to use, copy or reproduce this information to profit or gain.

In addition, you must not sell or distribute this information to third parties, not members of your organisation, whether for monetary payment or otherwise.

This information is intended to serve as general guidance and not constitute legal advice. The application and impact of laws can vary widely based on the specific facts involved. This information should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional legal or other competent advisers. Before making any decision or taking action, consult a Customs Manager Ltd. professional.

In no circumstances will Customs Manager Ltd be liable for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information contained within this document or for any consequential, special or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

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