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EU Combined Nomenclature 2022

(S,P) Download the EU Tariff and the correlation table 2022 to 2021

The day before Halloween, the EU published its Customs Tariff. But in July, the committee on the tariff publish the draft version, helping businesses to prepare.

We took look at the key changes and provide all the HS codes that are replaced, eliminated split etc, and we share the draft document from the EU Commission with you.

Since 1 January 2022, Annex I to Regulation (EEC) No 2658/87 is replaced by a complete and up-to-date version of the CN, together with the autonomous and conventional rates of duty. EVERY trading company needs to care and check. With Customs Manager, it's easy!

The EU's Tariff is a goods' nomenclature. It is called ‘Combined Nomenclature’ or ‘CN’ because it is able to meet, at one and the same time:

  1. the requirements of the EU's Common Customs Tariff,

  2. the external trade statistics of the Union,

  3. and other Union policies concerning the importation or exportation of goods.

CN codes or commodity codes were changed this year to take account of

changes in

  1. statistics

  2. commercial policy &

  3. technological and commercial developments.

The key changes the EU Commission proposes are:

  • The HS 2022 amendments in Chapter 24 addressing novel tobacco products is transposed in the CN with specific headings and subheadings, to allow their identification and classification.

  • The CN is amended in order to implement the gradual reduction of duty rates for products covered by the agreement in the form of the Declaration on the Expansion of Trade in Information Technology Products.

The CN introduces new subheadings:

  • ‘not deterpenated rose oil’ of Chapter 33,

  • ‘fibre board and plywood’ of Chapter 44,

  • certain ‘steel tubes’ of Chapter 73,

  • ‘aluminium composite panels’ of Chapter 76.

Amend the classification of some substances in the list of non-proprietary names of pharmaceutical substances in the Annexes.

Climate change action

The EU wants to monitor the impact of the trade-in fluorinated greenhouse gases on climate, and, therefore, inserts additional TARIC codes in Annex 10 of CN and to create a relevant new supplementary unit ‘t. CO2’.

Download the 2022 EU Tariff

Download the 2022 EU Tariff Correlation Table to 2021

Download XLSX • 133KB


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