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EU: Importing Products of Animal Origin into the European Union

(S) Access the guide on how to import POAO products into the EU.

Every day, meat, milk and other products of animal origin are traded or introduced into the EU. In order that all these products can be moved safely avoiding the transmission of diseases to either the public or other animals, the EU has laid down a wide range of animal health requirements.

These lay down health certificates that must accompany all animal products when introduced into the EU. These documents must be signed by an official veterinarian of the competent authority of the exporting third country, guaranteeing that the conditions for import into the EU have been met.

On arrival in the EU, the animal products and the accompanying certificates must be verified and checked by EU official veterinarians at a designated Border Inspection Post. Further checks on the products may also be carried out at the final destination.

Fact Sheet: Import Conditions for fresh meat and meat products

Fact Sheet - Import Conditions for fresh meet and meat products
Download PDF • 181KB

Guidance for importing meat and meat products into the EU

General EU guidance on live animals and POAO
Download PDF • 896KB

PowerPoint Presentation

Power Point Presentation on POAO products
Download PDF • 162KB

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