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EU - Russia RPS: Top Ten of Groups of Individuals Sanctions that firms need to know

RPS = Restricted Party Screening is essential for companies dealing with Russia to avoid trading with these groups of individuals.

The EU sanctioned 80 firms and 1093 persons in total as of the beginning of May 2022, including preceding individual sanctions levied during the annexation of Crimea in 2014. The following notable persons and organisations are included in the list:

  1. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

  2. Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov

  3. Oligarchs with ties to the Kremlin, such as Roman Abramovich.

  4. 351 members of the Russian State Duma (the lower house of parliament) who voted in favour of recognising Donetsk and Luhansk on February 15, 2022

  5. Members of the National Security Council high-ranking officials and

  6. high-level military personalities

  7. Businessmen active in the oil, banking and finance sectors, Prominent businesses (those working in the Russian steel industry and others who supply financial services, military items, and technology to the Russian state),

  8. Propagandists who helped disseminate anti-Ukrainian misinformation and promoted a favourable attitude toward Ukraine's invasion.

  9. Misinformation agents

  10. Family members of some of the persons named above.

Can you tell us more about the oligarchs and prominent businesspeople?

They are active in major economic areas that generate significant income for the Russian Federation, particularly in the metallurgical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and digital industries, as well as their family members. In February and March 2022, the EU added a list of oligarchs active in the oil, gas, banking, media, and transportation sectors to the Sanctions Lists. Here is an example of the EU law, updating the listing. Official Journal Entry:

What is the consequence of being listed on an EU Sanctions List?

Individuals and corporations listed face asset freezes, and EU citizens and companies are prohibited from making cash accessible to them. Natural people are also subject to travel restrictions, which stop them from entering or transiting EU territory.

These additional designations, together with the sectoral measures targeting Belarus and Russia also approved by the Council today, address gaps and reinforce previous measures agreed by the EU to respond to Russia's military action against Ukraine.

Where do I find the latest and complete list of all listed individuals?

We have prepared the latest European Union Consolidated Financial Sanctions List for you here.

How can Customs Manager Ltd. help?

We have been assisting clients successfully and compliantly trade with sanctions for more than a decade. We help with obtaining the necessary licences and authorisations. We offer to screen support against individuals, entities and organisations to ensure that you do not fall foul of applicable laws. We help design a sanctions policy for your company.

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