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HS Customs classification: Insightful and fun LIVE and ONLINE training

Our HS Customs classification training equips you with the skills and confidence to classify products correctly, every time.

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Classification of products for import and export can be particularly challenging.

Businesses importing goods into or exporting goods out of the EU need to determine the correct product classification for customs purposes. But getting the code right is often not very straightforward, and the rules of the game are often very complicated and ambiguous. Still, businesses cannot afford to make mistakes. The correct classification is vitally important to determine the customs duty rate and decide if non-tariff measures, such as import or export licence, import or export restrictions, apply. Join this specialist training to learn how to determine, justify and record the commodity code for customs classification.

Join us for a learning session of how you clarify products for customs purposes, a step-by-step guide with plenty of examples and ideas of how to get it right every time.

Your live tutor is an experienced customs manager and classification specialist who you can reach out to at any time for a quick reply to your questions.

Pass the test to earn the prestigious classification practitioner award. If you are ready, sign up and let's get started and turn you into a classification genius.

Find out more about what you will study in the LIVE or ON DEMAND training:

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