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Our IPAFFS Pre-notification and EHS Filing Support Service for food importers

(S) Food, Plant, POAO traders can use our expertise and staff to pre-notify DEFRA of their food, animal, high-risk and plant products. Get in touch to get started!

With more and more reports of red tape, many agri-food exporters are concerned that the new rules are just too tough to keep trading. From export health certificates to visits by the VAT, from IT-systems IPAFFS to TRACES, to “simple” customs clearance, managing the Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) controls is very challenging.

“Changes to veterinary export health certifications is being rolled out throughout and will lead to full border checks on certain animal and plant products. Businesses trading in Agri-Food products need to be aware and act swiftly. We hope our support tolls are an important contribution” says Arne Mielken, General Manager of Customs Manager Ltd and SPS and veterinary certificate expert.

Learn about the changes that will occur from 1 January 2022 in a video series recorded in September 2021.

IPAFFS Walkthrough

From 1 January 2022. importing businesses to Great Britain need to use the "Import of products, animals, food and feed system (IPAFFS) system to notify enforcement authorities about imports of live animals, animal products and high-risk food and feed not of animal origin into Great Britain.

Businesses must submit a notification in IPAFFS one working day before a consignment is due to arrive if it is coming from a non-EU country and 24 hours before your consignment is due to arrive if it is coming from the EU or EEA

Information you need for imports from the EU and EEA

You need to know:

  • what you’re importing

  • the date of import into Great Britain

  • which country it will come from

  • the consignment’s place of destination

  • Information you need for imports from non-EU or non-EEA countries

You need to know:

  • what you’re importing

  • the date and the estimated time the consignment will arrive at the border control post

  • which country it’s being exported from and the country it originates from if these are different

  • the consignment’s destination

We can lodge a pre-notification in IPAFFS for you

Customs Manager Ltd is delighted to offer food producers, retailers and other importers of food, feed and plant products the possibility to file IPAFFS Pre-notifications and upload Export Health Certificates (EHC). We also help you complete the EHCs for your ongoing shipments.

We will meet with you to discuss your requirements and establish the volumes of work that are required. Then, we will get to work, ensure that we have the data necessary (and work with you to get it) and use our own IPAFFS registration to lodge the notifications on your behalf.

Schedule a talk with us to discuss how we can help

Live! Training

On-Demand Training (study Anywhere and Anytime)

Importing Food from the EU into Great Britain

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