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CM: Our Community Meet-Up

Our meet ups are a powerful way for customs professionals to connect and explore topics of interest to import and export professionals. Join us and get your free ticket at

Friday, 22.03.2024

Focus on How to declare Preferential Rules of Origin

Slides here:

Proof of Origin and How To Declare Origin 22.03.2024
Download PDF • 845KB

Friday, 15.03.2024

Focus on CDS for exports

In our weekly Community Meet-up, we focus this week on CDS for Exports, the new UK system for making export declarations. This system, which made the news last week, is a key topic in customs and global trade. To give you a brief overview, CDS for Exports is designed to streamline the export process and make it more efficient. The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is an essential tool for UK businesses to comply with customs procedures when exporting goods outside the United Kingdom.

We explore:

  • When should I move my exports to CDS?

  • How should I move my exports to CDS?

  • What are the key differences between CHIEF and CDS?

  • What shall I do when I get stuck?

Find answers also in this week's feature article of The Customs Watch. We keep a watchful eye on changes so you don't have to. See here:

Our webinar provides an insightful review of this topic in under 30 minutes, and participants of the live session walk away with documents, slides, and further insightful material right away (no need to wait). If you are interested in downloading the slides, please see

To join us next week live, register here:

Attendance is open to all, free of charge. We believe in sharing knowledge and updates with everyone interested in customs and global trade. Your presence and participation are what make these sessions valuable. Registration is mandatory for each weekly session. Sign up on our website at Join us for these exciting sessions every Friday, streaming live at noon UK time or 1 pm Brussels Time. am EST / 4 am PST.

Friday 8 March 2024, Celebrating International Women's Day

Join us for enlightening speeches and contributions to honour women in international commerce, customs, and global trade. Theme: Encouraging Inclusion in Customs & Global Trade. At Customs Manager Ltd, we celebrated International Women's Day, a global event that recognises the valuable contributions of women to international trade and customs. On Friday, March 8, 2024, we hosted a live event to honour women in customs and global commerce. Watch along for insightful discussions and remarks from female thought leaders that will leave you feeling motivated.


1- We had the honour of being joined by Elizabeth Mainelli, the Lady Mayoress of the City of London, for the opening address. She emphasised the significance of International Women's Day in Customs and Global Trade, stating, "Today, we are showcasing the vital role that women hold in customs management and global commerce."

2- Deputy Director Perolat of Customs in DG TAXUD of the European Commission delivered a presentation outlining her journey from France to Brussels and her progression into high-ranking positions in the European public administration.

3- Next, Carol Lynch, the leader of the BDO Customs Practice in Dublin, shared her perspective on the recognition of women within a major business advisory firm.

4 - During the Q&A session, Enrika Naujokė, a customs industry entrepreneur, spoke with Ms. Lynch and Ms. Perolat about how women's achievements set a standard for excellence and motivate younger generations to pursue success in their careers.

This event was very valuable to shed light on the achievement of women in customs and global trade. To stay up to date with customs and global trade matters, leave your e-mail address at

1 March 2024: Community Meet Up: WC

Unleashing Possibilities: Insightful Customs & Global Trade


Join Amanda, Sanja, Bob, Arne, and other industry experts as Arne provides an insightful review of last week's latest customs and global trade updates. His extensive knowledge and experience ensure you get the most accurate and up-to-date information. Stay updated with the latest in global trade and customs news with our weekly update on customs, regulations, import/export controls, and more! Whether you're a customs manager or simply interested in the world of international trade, this wrap-up will give you all the information you need to stay informed and make the most of any opportunities that arise. Tune in every week for valuable insights and updates on the ever-evolving world of customs and trade.

Slides for download here:

Customs and Global Trade Weekly Wrap Up - Week 7 - 2024
Download PDF • 4.34MB

Weekly Wrap-Up Edition, 09.02.2024

Join David, Marie, Jason, Alex, and Arne for a review and discussion of last week's changes and updates in Customs and Global Trade.

Slides for download here:

Week 5 - 2024 Weekly Wrap Up
Download PDF • 2.62MB


EU: Step-by-Step Preparation Help for ICS 2 - Release 3: Our Briefing

More transport sectors are soon subject to EU safety and security standards under ICS 2 - Release 3. Get ready with our step-by-step guide and factsheet for download.


Unpacking the EU ICS System: What Businesses Need to Know

How Will the New Customs Pre-Arrival Security Program Benefit Businesses Using the EU ICS System 2?


Weekly Wrap-Up Edition, 02.02.2024

Join Carol, David, Sonia and Arne on a review of last week's changes and updates in Customs and Global Trade.

Slides for download here:

Weekly Wrap Up - 03.02.2024
Download PDF • 2.55MB

Video for On-Demand viewing here:

Weekly Wrap-Up Edition, 26.01.2024

Watch the video on demand and come celebrate International Customs Day with us.

Weekly Wrap-Up Edition 19.01.2024

Download the slides of the Weekly Wrap UP Call of 19.01.2024

Weekly Wrap Up - 19.01.2024
Download PDF • 2.04MB

To watch this edition on demand, please visit our You Tube Channel.

1) Weekly Wrap Up

In this video, Arne Mielken, MD of Customs Manager Ltd explains that the Weekly Wrap Up is and why and how you should join.

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I have my own young team, we are only 6 people, but we are growing quickly and I would like to make the same weekly calls. Please tell me what you use to record the screen? I would like to save our meetings so that I can analyze them later. I heard about this selection of recorders for mac, but I don’t know which one to choose. I would appreciate your help.

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