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QUIZ: Customs classification: What is the commodity code for a water mattress?

Can you determine the correct classification of a "water mattress" is? Send your answers to

About the product

What is it?

  • The product to classify is an oval-shaped article measuring approximately 180 cm in length and 95 cm at its widest point.

What does it consist of?

  • It consists of a loosely crocheted textile fabric creating a net-like structure attached to an inflatable tube of plastics framing the textile fabric.

Any special features?

  • An inflatable pillow of plastics is attached to one side of the tube.

What's it made of?

  • The tube and pillow are completely encased by a woven textile fabric of synthetic filament yarn.

  • The external surface of the article is complete of textile materials, which prevail over the plastics in volume.

  • Especially, the net-like structure where a user lies is exclusive of textile material. However, plastics prevail over textile materials in weight and value.

What's its use?

  • The article is designed to float on water, similarly to a pneumatic water mattress.



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