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Transit: Complete these steps before even moving goods!

Complete these essential steps before thinking about moving goods using the transit procedure.

By using common and Union Transit, you can move your goods quicker to UK, EU and common other transit countries because:

  • you do not require customs declarations and duties at each border crossing

  • you can complete some customs processes away from the border

If you have not already, check if using common or transit is right for you.

If you want someone to deal with customs for you

If you want someone to deal with customs for you, you must give written permission for them to do this first. This is known as getting a customs agent. Depending on the agreement with your customs agent, you may need to do some customs processes yourself. If you’re using a customs agent, check with them if you need to do anything else.

Things to consider when you appoint a customs broker or agent

If you’re doing customs processes yourself

In the EU or the UK, you'll need to think about these top 5 steps before making a transit declaration:

  1. an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number, you will need to apply for an EORI if you do not have one

  2. a guarantee to cover duties suspended on your goods while they are being moved

  3. to register for the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) to make transit declarations. In Great Britain, for example, you will need to access the GB NCTS system.

  4. to register for using the export system of your country if the goods are being exported outside your customs territory. For example, in Great Britain, you need access to the UK' National Export System if you are exporting goods that are made in Great Britain or have UK duties paid on them. This will include transit movements ending anywhere outside the UK, including in the EU. In Germany, this system is called ATLAS Ausfuhr.

  5. to choose which customs office of departure you want to start moving your goods from - this is where you present your goods with all documentation

You should also consider whether to apply for authorised consignor status. This will allow you to start transit movements at your own premises, instead of needing to present your goods and documentation at an office of departure.

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