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U.S.: Trade Violations Reporting Tool - Free Webinars to Help Businesses Report Trade Violations

Discover the Trade Violations Reporting Tool, U.S. - Join our free webinars and empower your business to report trade violations and protect your bottom line.

A new series of quarterly training webinars and resources to help small- and medium-sized businesses report trade violations that threaten their bottom line and hurt the broader U.S. economy.

Why is there a need for a Trade Violations Reporting Tool?

Duty evasion, forced labor, and other trade violations pose existential threats to the small- and medium-sized businesses that drive American innovation and competitiveness. The new webinars on the Trade Violations Reporting Tool will empower local and regional companies to partner with CBP in protecting against unfair competition and ensuring a level economic playing field

When will the webinars on the Trade Violations Tool take place?

The webinars will run from November 7, 2023, through September 10, 2024, and will guide participants through the process of reporting commercial trade violations using the Trade Violations Reporting Tool.

A web-based platform has been created to simplify the enforcement process of CBP and make it more accessible to users. This user-friendly platform makes it easy to report trade violations, without needing specialized knowledge or extensive resources.

What is the goal of the Trade Violations Tool webinars?

The webinars planned will help users report allegations of a range of trade violations, including antidumping and countervailing duty evasion, forced labor, and natural resource crimes. These webinars will be free, open to the public, and recorded for training purposes.

Reporting illicit trade practices is essential for maintaining healthy competition and promoting innovation and sustainable growth for American businesses. CBP's Trade Violations Reporting Tool was first deployed in 2008, allowing the public to submit allegations of suspected trade violations. Improvements have been made to the tool to increase program transparency and communication with allegers, ensuring a more streamlined and cohesive end-to-end process. The Trade Violations Reporting Tool will now automatically notify allegers of any updates made to their allegations, including the investigation's outcome, keeping them updated throughout the lifecycle of the allegation.

How can I report trade violations?

Any person or organization can report detailed trade violation allegations through CBP’s Online Trade Violations Reporting Tool or by calling 1-800-BE-ALERT. CBP encourages individuals and organizations interested in reporting trade violations to review these user guides and instructional materials and to register for an upcoming webinar on the CBP website.

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