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New U.S. October 7th Export Controls on China: Answering Your Questions

Get all your questions answered about the new U.S. export controls on the export of items for supercomputers + semiconductors + Entity List changes. Learn how these restrictions impact U.S. and non U.S. businesses.

What happened?

The United States has imposed stricter restrictions on the export of American semiconductors, ostensibly aimed at curbing China's progress in supercomputing and semiconductor progress. The new controls are expected to prevent the majority of US semiconductor shipments from reaching Chinese data centres, where they are used to build AI models.

Why are these export controls necessary?

The officials of the United States are aiming to limit China's access to advanced semiconductors that could be utilized for the development of artificial intelligence and sophisticated computers, which may be used for military purposes. The U.S. government believes that controlling the technology is crucial for national security. They fear that if China's military gains access to such cutting-edge technology, it may use it to steer hypersonic missiles, install sophisticated surveillance systems, or decode highly confidential U.S. codes.

What is the effect of these sanctions?

American companies that export advanced technology chips or equipment to China must obtain a special license or government notification. In addition to this, chip producers must acquire trade licenses for numerous countries that are subject to US arms embargoes, to prevent China from obtaining advanced US chips through unaffiliated countries.

Who is affected by these new export controls?

These new export controls may affect Nvidia, AMD, and Intel companies.

According to U.S. officials, these export controls will not apply to processors used in commercial applications like gaming systems, laptops, telephones, and electric automobiles.

When will the new export controls enter into effect?

Some legislation will take effect sooner, but most in 30 days.

The Biden administration has invested extensively in US semiconductor makers to counter China's growing dominance over cutting-edge technology. In parallel, it has been trying to allow unlimited trade with other nations while restricting military technology exports to China. U.S. authorities aim to "protect American technology with a small yard and high fence."

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