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UK: Top Tips for understanding the Consolidated list of strategic military and dual-use items

(S,P) Download the UK's Strategic Goods List and analyse the latest changes

There is a recent amendment to the Export Control Order 2008 amendment

How should a business know what goods are controlled at export? Which ones are strategic and which ones are not? We are going to explore how you should go about it in this article with some top tips

Tip #1 - Understand what you are looking at

The UK Strategic Export Control Lists (known as the consolidated list) are compiled from 7 lists in various pieces of international legislation which set out what types of goods are controlled.

Tip #2 - Use the list and the blog entries to find out...

  • if your items are controlled

  • the appropriate control entry reference in the consolidated list

  • if an appropriate open general export licence (OGEL) exists

  • If your items are listed under a control list (‘rating’) entry you need an export licence from the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU).

"If your goods are not on the control lists, you may still need a licence under end-use controls. This applies where there are concerns over their use in a weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programme." – Top Tip from Export Control specialist at Customs Manager Ltd

Tip #3 - Understand what types of goods are controlled

Broad categories are:

  • items specifically designed or modified for military use and their components

  • dual-use items that can be used for civil or military purposes

  • associated technology and software

  • goods that might be used for torture

  • radioactive sources

Tip #4 - Stay Up to Date

Updates to this list occur about once to twice a year. It is your responsibility to ensure that you:

  • are aware of all recent updates to the lists

  • check the latest version

  • take appropriate action to get a licence where necessary.

Tip #5 - Understand latest changes

In the latest list, there are changes to:

  • Schedule 2 (military goods, software and technology)

  • Schedule 3 (UK controlled dual-use goods, software and technology)

  • The new order, The Export Control (Amendment) Order 2020 (SI 2021 No.586) comes into force on 7 June 2021. The order implements changes to the list of defence-related products. These reflect changes to the Wassenaar Arrangement munitions list. The Order also fixes minor drafting errors.

Changes to Schedule 2:

changes to definitions, changes to ML1, ML2, ML6, ML8, ML10, ML11, ML13, ML15, ML17, ML18, and ML21

Changes to Schedule 3:

changes to definitions, changes to PL9009

Download the latest list

Download PDF • 4.67MB

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